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    The Canadians (AFAIK) used the same establishment as the British Army - one Firefly for each troop of "normal" Shermans - this works out to 19 Fireflies and 150 odd Shermans in a brigade.

    There is an M-48 in beta build over at papermodelers.

    The really glaring omission in AFV models is the Centurion - used in Vietnam by the Australians, in Korea by the British, in Namibia by the South Africans. The Israelis, Swedes and South Africans have produced numerous upgrades and variations on the Centurion hull.
    The Swedish army wanted to keep their Centurions rather than upgrade to the Leopard 2A5s.


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    Arguably one of the best tanks ever designed, its long life is a testimony to its excellent design. Yet there are few plastic models of the Centurion available when compared to a Panther.

    My two bits worth on why we have all this WWII stuff and not that many models of “Modern” equipment.

    Let’s take the Centurion if the tank had been at the Battle of the Bulge there is high probability that it could have made a Tiger ring like a bell when hit by the Centurion’s main gun. If it had participated then we would perhaps have some historical account stating that Master Sergeant Wellington knocked out 4 Tigers and 2 Panthers in one engagement. I can assure you there would be abundance of early Centurion models depicting that particular Centurion. As a modern example Tamaya has a 1/32 model of a PBRII (Patrol Boat River), most people would ask why a PBR? What is little known is that the model depicts boat 105 (Eleanor) and was commanded by Boatswain's Mate First Class Jim (Pops) Williams. He is considered the most decorated petty officer in the history of the Navy. My point is that most often we end up with models that have some historical activity behind them that connects them to a particular person and time.

    Jim Nunn
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    Want heroic action - try....

    "During the invasion of the Syrian army into the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur (1973) war, two damaged Centurion/Sho’t tanks engaged approximately 150 Syrian T55/T62 tanks. In the course of the following 30 hour tank battle, the two tanks knocked out over 60 tanks. The destruction of this entire armored division forced the Syrian army to halt their advance."

    (The Sho't had the 105mm L7 gun)

    or perhaps the action between the Israeli M48s and Egyption IS-3s at Rafah/El Arish in 1967. The Israelis knocked out most of a brigade of IS-3s even though the 90mm gun of the M48 couldn't penetrate the IS-3's armour.


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    The Centurion would be a nice kit (although my head hurts at the idea of making umpteen tread links). Canada used them up until the mid 70s and I have heard that the Leopard I was not a huge leap forward over them, other than the fact that the Leo's were new and so more reliable.
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    Grasp not ye the Tyger by Joe's Tail....

    Rick: Thanks for diving in here.

    Yer bud,

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