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    Oh, der linke Außenspiegel ist weg, das gibt einen Strafzettel....;)
    The left rear vision mirror is broken. This is a speeding ticket!!!


    SLK= Sportlich Leicht Kompakt/
    SLK =Sporty Light Compact
    SL Sportlich Leicht , dieser hat an der Seite Lufteinlässe
    SL Sporty Light , this has the side air intakes :

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    cylongirl Galactica lives in Germany

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    I had a 1975 450 SLC, the nicest car I ever owned. I am going to try and get another one. The picture below is a spitting image of the one I had. Alloy (Magnesium) wheels. Not very fast off the line, but at 125, it was a monster (port injected overhead cam V-8). I got clocked at 136 mph in that car. I was doing around 142 mph but stomped on the brakes when the police flashed theirs lights. They actually let me go!! They sad too much paperwork, they loved the car too. True story! :)

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    Ab 230 km / h - 142.92 mph wird es auf der Autobahn meistens stressig .
    Es sind zu viele Autos unterwegs .
    Eine gute Grundlage, wann startet der Umbau?;)

    From 230 km / h - 142.92 mph it is usually stressful on the highway.
    There are too many cars on the road .
    A good foundation when starting the conversion ?; )
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    @zathros "I got clocked at 136 mph in that car. I was doing around 142 mph

    Some say he's found running a model forum on the internet...
    And that he runs the Great Machine...

    All we know is.... He's not the Stig! He's better! ;)
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    I wish. Funny thing is I have gotten away with really high speeds because I always stop ater than the Cop cars. When I saw the State Trooper, I stopped 20 feet in front of his car, and he only got a chance to "blip" his lights. Same thing happened just after 9/11. I was entering the highway on 684, in New Work, and I got clocked at 85 mph. I just pulled over instantly, and the biggest human being, with not an ounce of fat, extricated himself from his car. No one hair out of order, he asked me for License and Registration. I had neither. I told him (the truth!) I had left my wallet home and I was restoring a house I had purchased. He looked in my car, saw the construction tools (Subaru Legacy Wagon, 1998, best car I have ever owned! Made in Indiana too!) and I produced my pilots license and Log Book. He looked at me and said "If I ever see you again........." and let me go. Motorcycle, stop, Hah! Haven't been caught yet. Including a 30 mile chase (on that motorcycle, that's 15 minutes of riding!) My 1983 Suzuki does not like to stop very well, it can, but it would rather go WFO, if you know what I mean. Heh Heh Heh, but the last time I did that was 29 years ago. In my M.G. Midget, believe it or not, just after I rebuilt the engine, I got caught in a back road speed trap doing 75 mph, and the cop said, "Only this car could go that fast through that turn", and let me go! You have to have you paper work in order, and a very solid, non criminal, no priors background, to get away with stuff like that.

    The Mercedes 450 SLC would not enter 4th gear till you were doing 97 miles an hour. It was a long beastly automobile. The kind you would like to armor plate and attach swords too in a land of Zombies. You would have to tow a gas tank on wheels though, and that wouldn't be too hard too do. :)
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    The process that you go through to make these is quite interesting. Once you have the paint on, you can not tell where the plastic ends and the paper begins.
    These cars are AMAZING!!!

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