Photo Fun: Week of April 1st!

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by MilesWestern, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Miles, THANKS!:D , and THANKS!:D , and YES he DID:D.

    WOW!:eek: those were $35.00, they look GREAT!:thumb: :thumb: :D-Deano
  2. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    Great shootin', Herc.....

    Bob :thumb:
  3. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    Thanks guys. That "razor" grass that people love to grow down here (till they have to cut it back and get covered with tiny serrated scratches) is actually Woodland Scenics faux grass. There's gotta be an easier way to "plant" it...I did about 1 foot - both sides of the track and it took me about an hour. I use carpenter's glue smeared where I want to plant, then take as much grass as my finger tips can hold, cut with a very very sharp pair of scissors and push it into the glue. The glue dries absolutely clear. I have to go back and cut the grass to a more scaled length. Right now, some of it is over 10 scale feet high...which is actually possible for razor/ornamental grass...but I was trying for that uncut field grass look typical of trackside. Mixing three colors together gives a pretty randomly typical appearance. BTW...behind that grass in the foreground is a rerailer and two red power leads completely obscured by the grass. The shot was taken with an Olympus 505 at super macro, about two inches away from the grass and slightly lower than the layout to give the appearance of "height" to the diesel and building. I think the tall grass in the foreground gives the illusion of depth to the whole picture. To get the "lights on" running look, I attached a boxcar and powered up the diesel holding on to the boxcar only long enough to get the shot. There's probably an easier way to do that too, but I don't know what it is.
  4. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    It's getting to be too many people for me to list seperately , my typing is horrible, takes forever for me to type, so a BIG thumbs up to everyone for posting.:thumb: Excellent shots from all.

    Deano, Glad to hear your Dad has signed on, looking forward to seeing more of his layout.

    Here's todays "Wabash Flash" coming under the bridge at Adams Pass .
    Oooooh new of the new GP15Ts!! Wonder how we rated that for the local...:D

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  5. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Great photo's guys! It's like paging through Model Railroader magazine - for FREE!! :thumb:

  6. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Great looking loco!

    Neat shot!

    Cool Baldwins!

    Great scene!

    Great looking steamer!

    Another cool scene!

    Neat scene!

    Nice shot!

    Great shot with the grasses in the foreground!

    Nice set of locos!

    Lovin the B&O stuff!

    Those are some great shots!

    WOW! What a deal!

    Another cool shot!
  7. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    We have been having major computer problems at home. One crash and a failing hard drive. We are up and running but I don’t know for how long. We lost about two months worth of files in the crash since the latest back-up won’t load.

    I have some new shots in the camera but I am afraid to download them to the computer. Of course if I did they would not be much good since my photo editing software was lost in the crash. So I’ll go with some oldies I have available:

    Here are some random picks

    Atlas B&O RS-1

    Bachmann Plus Western Maryland F7A

    P2K PRR PA1

    Atlas Custom/Fantasy Painted Lehigh & New England U23B
  8. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Some really nice pics posted in here.

    Just picked up three of the new Reel Rides from Wal-Mart.:D

    First up is the '72 Chevy C-10 shortbox pickup.


    Second is the '70 Pontiac GTO Judge


    Last but not least is the black Pontiac Trans Am


    These are
    #1,HO scale for those that are wondering
    #3 Very nicely done for the most part.I don't really like the Plymouth convertable which is why you don't see it here.

    Stay tuned I have more pics of other vehicles to post.:D
  9. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Great pictures all!

    Heres the current project I am working on..Its a Walthers "yard" building.
    I hand painted the building and added the doors,windows and glass today.Now I will let the glue dry.
  10. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    What's Up..??

    Hey guys...What's up..?? A shutter bug killed your cameras..?? Let's see some more...!!! :confused:
  11. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Some folks get to play while others work! A group of relaxed anglers try their luck while a carfloat crew work together to pull the latest arrivals off the barge at West Mill, Meanwhile more switching moves are happening at Hudson Cement in the background.
    Great place to railfan even if you don't catch a fish!

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  12. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    Great pics guys, I got more coming today & tomorrow to show off. Got me some new Walthers LPG tank cars, and one of each of the 5 Reel Rides from wal*mart.
  13. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Mark, i REALLY LIKE that bridge:thumb: , NICE SHOT!:D

    Tom, GREAT ENGINE SHOTS!:thumb: i like the GREAT assortment of engines i see on your layout;):D.

    Johnathan, NICE AUTOS!:thumb::D

    Larry, i cant wait to see how your yard building comes out:thumb::D.

    Ralph, VERY NICE SCENE!!!:thumb::thumb::D

    LPP'S......not much help:curse: tooth1
    Well folks, i ask you, "don't you get tired of being taken for granted?":rolleyes:, well I DO:(. LET ME EXPLAIN, i don't know about you folks, but i work 5/6 days a week, from 6:00AM till 2:30/4:30PM. it pays for the NEW engines and rolling stock for the LPP crew at the Rock Valley Sub:thumb:. now the crew told me they were glad to have a new change, and would be GLAD to help out while I'm at work;). TONIGHT, i came home and SEEN THIS!:curse: THATS RIGHT, THE LPP's JUST GOOFING AROUND!:curse: WITH THERE HANDS IN THERE POCKETS, EATING, AND SITTING AROUND!:curse: View attachment 36339 Well, as you can guess, I WAS QUITE MAD!:curse: i quickly went to the crew chief, "Big Ed" and explained to him, if i didn't get some honest help, i was going to put the KIBOSH on the WHOLE PROJECT:eek:. NEEDLESS to say, Big Ed gathered the LPP's together and...i just left the room:rolleyes:. announce1 WHEN i got back about a half hour later, i was GLAD TO SEE THIS!:D HONEST HARD WORK GOING ON!:thumb: :D View attachment 36340 AT quiting time, the layout looked like this...not a lot done, but at least its a starttooth1. i sure hope those LPP's get more done tomorrow;). View attachment 36341 :D-Deano

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  14. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    Great shots guys. :thumb:

    Deano, ya gotta watch those LPPs all the time...ya turn away for just a second and they are seating on there hands!

    Here's Grain Extra 3795 drilling the Cargill siding..
  15. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Great shots & stories to go with them...!! Deano, I don't blame you for getting t...ed off. But, give tha guys a break...Get them some tools more to their size, already...!!! :D
  16. jesso

    jesso Member

    Ralph, love the scene. Chessie4415, that is a great location. Deano, great job making something that could be a sad a funny event.

    Edit: Hey, I made it to over a hundred posts! Never thought that would happen!
  17. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Wow! Lots of great shots here! :thumb: :thumb: Howcum only 21 Members entered the March Photo Contest? You folks are much too modest.

    Here's my contribution, which was supposed to go in a thread of its own, but somebody :rolleyes: forgot to take the "under construction" photos.

    I rebuilt three Train Miniature singlesheathed boxcars, in an effort to bring their detail a little closer to present-day standards. The doortracks were reworked to a more scale size, then modified Athearn doors were substituted for the original ones. The new car ends are from Tichy, with brake gear by Cal Scale. I added some basic underbody brake gear and replaced the cast-on plastic grabirons and steps with metal parts. Strip styrene was used to add relief to the "Z" bracing (the "Z" stands for zed, also pronounced zee in some parts of the world) ;) More styrene strip was also used to construct new roofwalks. Paint is Floquil, with custom dry transfer lettering from C-D-S; the dimensional data was applied to blank decal paper first, to aid in proper positioning.


    Thanks for letting me share.

  18. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

  19. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    This Thread just keeps getting bigger and better each week. Even more people posting and the pics just keep getting better and better. Well done everyone.

    It used to be hauling Grain was a seasonal kinda thing, but these days it's almost year round. Trucks keep hauling the grain to the Elevator and at times we have a hard time rounding up empty hoppers to haul it out. Here's a empty truck heading back to the field for another load while the hopper is full and ready for pick up by the local.
  20. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    Well our Engineering Dept. has earned their keep this time. They have come up with this ingenious idea, Hopper Toppers! We have 1000s of hoppers so why not clean them up , put a top on them and use them to haul grain.. sure beats waiting for empty covered hoppers.
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