Northrop Flying Wings

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Paragon, Jun 5, 2009.

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    that was fast.
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    Well its still not quite done. She still needs landing gear, and some finalizations, but hopefully she'll be on tomorrow evening, and I can get started on the YB-35 next.
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  5. Very nice! Look forward to the finished product. They had a thing on the History channel about the development and history of the flying wing. Northrup (the man) made it his life's work developing this thing. He could never get the thing quite right. The ever growing speed requirments kept them guessing. He really got things going with the b-49 which kept the hope alive in spirit. The concept proved to be ahead of the existing technology. It had to wait for the computer age to overcome the stability problems before they could take advantage of this concept. Northrop would be poud of where it lead though, the famous and most expensive plane ever built the B-2
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    TTBOMK,the only ones available are a diecast at Disneyland and a resin one. :(
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    Paragon, that looks beautiful! Looks like another purchase is required!
  9. Finally, glad someone took up this challenge. these plans are a great part of our aviation history.
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    According to their website, Fiddlersgreen is coming out with a model of the XB-35. I don't have a time frame, but I'm looking forward to it.
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    Paper Trade models can be found at the Scaldis website in the Netherlands:

    Uhh, the website is in Dutch of course, but under info you will find an email address for the host of the site who speaks pretty good English:mrgreen:.
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    I think FG is workin on a Horten-229 or somethin like that. Its is the twin jet powered wing anyways. BILL

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