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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by xbbox, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. xbbox

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    Noob needs help!! Updated w/ new layout pics.

    So this is my first train set ever. I decided to go with a n scale mainly because I don't have a lot of room to set it up in. I have purchased a Bachmann Explorer set that has a 2' X 3' oval track. I have some plans for it, but I'm not looking to go wild with it with all of the buildings and grass and stuff. Mainly just looking for the track layout to play with. I change my mind way to much and to have something set up nice would just get on my nerves because I wouldn't be able to just pick it up and change it. But any way heres my question. Are all of the different name brand locos and cars around the same size and can be used with each other, or because I have the Bachmann ez track, I have to stick with all Bachmann stuff? Thanks for any input. Also below is a picture of the track I drew up that I plan to build first when it all gets here at the end of the week. What's in red will be elevated. Will be putting it on a 2 1/2' X 6' table.

  2. Herc Driver

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    Welcome! You'll find that almost every N scale engine/car fits any track...sometimes with a little tweaking to get the wheel sets just right. Not all snap together track fits others though...but there are some "bridge" pieces that will combine two different manufacturers together (Life Like track makes an adaptor that fits Bachmann for example). You say you don't want a permanent layout...which is fine...but you may want to think about a more permanent place for this transitory might find that building the layout is as much fun as running the trains and thus begins a life long hobby. It only takes adding one house, a few autos, some trees and before you know're hooked. I know I did the exact same thing as you, with the same intention of NOT leaving the layout up and running, but before I knew it I was looking to make things more permanent. Play with the layout idea, move the track around, grab some shoe boxes or toothpaste boxes to mimic buildings, tunnels, anything you can think of to make the layout come alive and may give some ideas about adding some scenery that could be moveable if you'd want only adds to the enjoyment. This is the best website for sharing ideas, getting some great critical input on your thoughts and plans, and seeing different scenery/layout pictures. There are some really creative and talented people that frequent this forum that always help out a new person like us. Have fun and keep us posted.
  3. shaygetz

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    Welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    What Herc said, nice track plan, too:thumb: put them F units back to back before Bubba and Billy Joe Ray Bob sentence you to 20 laps with a Brio Playset:thumb: :D
  4. xbbox

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    Thanks to both of you.

    And shaygetz, I fixed my engines.
  5. SeriousSam

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    all you really need to worry about in terms of difference in equipment, is the couplers. everything else should work together, no matter what brand. I hope to see pictures of your layout once it is finished.
  6. xbbox

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    Ok, thanks. Will def put up a picture when I'm done. Track should be here at the begining of next week so look for a picture then.
  7. xbbox

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    Ok, track will be in today. Just waiting on the dang UPS truck.wall1
  8. Mrplow123

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    I can't wait to see some progress. That is a cool track plan. Gives you a good length of continuous run in what seems to be a small space. Hope the truck shows up soon....
  9. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    I no how that feels having to wait for that UPS Truck to come. Mine doesn't come until around 4. So I sit there all day staring at the place where the new building or whatever it is will gosign1 sign1 But what can you do right?

    Look forward to seeing some pics.:thumb:
  10. Triplex

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    That's what "N scale" means, a standardized size. Your main concern is couplers. Some equipment, like what you have, has Rapido couplers, which look squarish from above. Other equipment has knuckle couplers, of which the most common types are Micro-Trains and Accumate couplers. These will work with each other, but not with Rapidos. They look sort of like gripping hands from above.
  11. xbbox

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    Not quite what I had drew up, but I like this design.
  12. Mrplow123

    Mrplow123 Member

    I like it:thumb: . Great use of a small space. Are you planning on keeping it on that table, or transfer it over to a more permanent bench? Lookin' good....:D
  13. xbbox

    xbbox Member

    Eventually I'm going to get a piece of wood or something to put on top of the table because it was left outside for a couple of days the the top of it is warped.
  14. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Nice start. Unless you live in California, you could get a peice of the pink foam insulation.
  15. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    :curse: Ya if you live in CA. Good luck getting some pink or blue foam. I cant find it anywhere around here.:curse:
  16. umtrr-author

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    I don't live in CA (plenty here in Western NY where the temps are, ah, more extreme) but it's been said that the pink or blue foam can be ordered through non-big box building supply dealers.
  17. xbbox

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    Don't live there. I could get that at Home Depot about 2 minutes from the house. I don't think that would work because of the dogs. I'll just stick with some wood that way I could cut it a little bigger than the table and expand my layout.
  18. xbbox

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    Ok, going to Home Depot today and going to pick me up a sheet of MDF or something. I'm going to swap my setup to the other side of the room and it will allow me to have a 3' X 7' layout. Guess I'm going to have to redo the track. :D That's why I can't have a nice setup, I change my mind way to much.
  19. Papa Bear

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    Well, that's part of the fun, too!:D
  20. green_elite_cab

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    lol, this thread makes me laugh

    anyway, Nice work, you're gonna have to build a real nice sceniced layout sometime.

    just out of curioisity, you wouldn't happen to have an Xboxlive Gamertag?

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