Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01

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  1. curret projects

    ive just finishd the Wheel Loader from canon for my nephew (he wants the Bulldozer and Shovel aswell) , and am 50% through the Sleeping Beauty Castle from the Disney Experience for my daughter ...

    i'm not gonna do any more build threads , i'm just gonna show the finished stuff ...
  2. anibalo

    anibalo New Member

    Third chosen

    Hi, great model, nice work, where can i get the printable files and instructions to build one myself? thanks.
  3. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    You can search on ebay constantly or you can try some jap shops, but the model is out of print and very, very rare. There are many fakes around and people will offer you the files but these are all piracy.
  4. palmer

    palmer Member

    Well... I don't want to start a pirate/no pirate discussion but...

    This is the very first papercraft I downloaded.
    Casually one day I saw it (again with the 00) on an auction on ebay, this guy sold the files (5 euros for both if I remember well).

    I decided to bid for them but at last I thought: where did he find the files he sells? Maybe I can have them for free!'
    So, after an hour or so of web-searching (I was very noob!) I found both the models for free.

    Maybe THIS was piracy, this guy was earning money from other people's work\ideas.

    Is it piracy when you're (free) sharing something that it's out of print, belonged to a company that no more exists and it's one of the easier files to find on web?
    You are damaging noone interests. Simply you can't find the original papercraft and anyway the author's work\art should be lost with the last one sold.

    It's good to earn money from your work\ideas when you can, but at the end your work\ideas belong to whole humanity. It's like when an artist burn his own works, he's damaging our entire species' cultural wealth! This is a crime, not 'piracy' (concept created by capitalistic Companies!)!

    Just my idea...
  5. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    The fact that a book/model is out of print doesn't make any difference. It is still copyrighted material, and copying it with out permission is illegal.

    I'm going to lock this thread now as this subject has been discussed at length previously. Further discussion tends to get quite, shall we say, passionate, and doesn't really add anything to the forum.
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