Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01

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  1. Not to be outdone by the rest of my family with paper models sign1 (ive posted their work)

    Here is my latest build attempt.....
    Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01(apparently?)

    ive waited until now to post so i would not be wasting my time when it all went wrong lol (like 90% of my builds do!)

    started with the head(see photos)this was made of 26 parts...

    have made a start on the body(again see photo) this is made from 64 parts , i'm up to part 19 so far lol ......

    i will not be posting any more pics until the body is finished...

    oh yeah while i remember .. don't ask where i got the model from cos i can't remember, i found it on the hard drive the other day...

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  2. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    Ah, that's the Inner Brain EVA. I have that and the new Chokipeta EVA :mrgreen: Great model, it looks very challenging in the box. Yours is coming together very nicely :thumb:

    Please post more pics when you feel you can, no pressure though.

  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I modified the thread title for you :D

    looks great so far! keep it up :)
  4. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    To laughaswell....I did this model sans the large fins on the shoulders. Let me just recommend that you fill the feet/lower legs will some weight (I used uncooked rice on another model that worked great :cool: )

    After sitting for a couple of months on the shelf, he started to lean forward a touch. He still stands without falling over, but I would be more comfortable knowing that he has a little balast in the feet. One day I might get motivated and cut the heel open and do that.

    Just a tip. :thumb:
  5. more progress

    ive just took these few pics ...

    i'm up to part 34 of 64 on the body,the head is NOT glued to the body yet.

    ive had to sort out a temperary way to hold it ,i'm building the model in my bedroom and its held in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet lol...

    again sorry for picture quality ... i try my best

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  6. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    EVA is one of the few animes I haven't watched... But the model looks fabulous! It's a very clean build!
  7. -ing !!!


    I started with some Print-ING
    Then i did some Cutt-ING
    I followed that with Score-ING
    Next its time for Fold-ING
    I continued with the Glue-ING
    And a lot of Hold-ING
    But then i started Shout-ING
    Mixed with a bit of Scream-ING
    Because the parts are not Join-ING
    And the lines are not Meet-ING
    So i have to do some Seperate-ING
    Then some Repair-ING
    And some Re-print-ING
    And some Re-cutt-ING
    And some Re-score-ING
    And some Re-fold-ING
    And some Re-glue-ING
    Then i started Hope-ING
    And a little Pray-ING
    As the parts started Join-ING
    And the lines started Meet-ING

    And after a night like tonight its time for me to go to bed and catch up on some ............ SLEEPING!!!!!!
  8. Progress Pics

    After some much needed sleep ive took some more pics,

    i'm up to part 51 of 64 with the body...

    oh and ive used my new scalecube this time in photo's,its a standard 50mm*50mm cube (available in donloads),just to give an idea of how big this beast is lol

    laterz all :wave::wave::wave::wave:

    okies no pics yet. it keeps freezing when i try to upload grrrrr:curse::curse:

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  9. hmm

    just to keep this thread on the front page sign1

    the body will be finished later today , will post more pics then..

    don't forget you can download my scale cube in the downloads section

  10. Head And body

    Well here it is ...........

    The head and body are finished yay.....

    The arms are next..


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  11. Gilson Morais

    Gilson Morais New Member

    It's fantastic so far. I think I'll give it a try. Big fan of Evangelion. Quite impressive.

  12. ermmm

    don't think that reply should be here :confused:
  13. Gilson Morais

    Gilson Morais New Member

    Oh my, I sincerely, honestly, didn't think it was a piracy. Sorry. :eek:


    Shame on me, :cry:
  14. a small update

    I'm working currently on the two arms for the model ...

    when i got to the hand there are two options.

    Option A:-normal fingers creating an open hand

    Option B:-bent fingers creating a grasping hand (for holding weapons e.t.c)

    as i had a bit of free time i decided on Option 3 just for fun... see photo...

    will change it now ive took the photo sign1

    laterz all

    oh i forgot ...... DO NOT send me requests for this model to be sent to you via email ... such emails will be ignored and deleted!!!:curse::curse:

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  15. update

    hi all....

    ive not added to the thread for a few days so here goes.......

    When i stated this thread i did say that a lot of my builds end up going wrong at some point .. this is due to my own modelling skills (well lack of them)..

    But on a positive note i learn a lot from every build ..

    ok back to the build ...

    i completed the body and head but now i have almost completed the first arm and hand , and as per most of my builds i'm not so happy with it now..

    i now have to make the decision wether to bin it or struggle on and try and finish it....

    i'm sorry to all those following the build waiting for a finished model ....

    laterz all

  16. dustey

    dustey New Member

    dont bin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i may not be an expert but i love how its coming along. would love to tackle it myself some day..
  17. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    As someone who has built this one let me say that you will NOT be disappointed in the finished product regardless of a few (or many like me) imperfections. He is just so darn cool sitting on the bookshelf watching over my office! Keep at it. The finished product is a great reward.
  18. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    Sooooooo...any progress on this one or is it a lost cause?
  19. another failure

    sorry folks it went in the bin two days ago.....

    Another Wasted Build Thread!!!

  20. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    Not a problem. I started Cinderella's about 12 hours of build time in and then started asking myself "Who the heck am I building this for? It sure ain't me!" (Had planned on giving it to a niece I barely see). It ended up flattened in the recycle bin. With as little time as we seem to get these days we gotta pick our battles (and models) very carefully.

    So whatcha working on now?

    Edit - Thought that since this build is now defunct, I'd show what it would've looked like...sans the large fins that sit atop the shoulders. I just didn't like the looks of those.


    He's a big fella!
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