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    And the opposite, I take mine off to see better close up... been trying to take them off to see better when they are already off - its not getting any better!
    That plus the instructions are in Japanese...:rolleyes:

    :rolleyes: is now my favorite smilie... and :banghead:

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    Happy new year!

    Here is the back wing assembly (again:rolleyes:) and attached to the body frame.
    MOTHRA017.jpg MOTHRA018.jpg MOTHRA019.jpg MOTHRA020.jpg

    The front wings are made up of three pieces each (six pieces per wing). I used some cardboard from a calendar to reinforce the
    "rib" within each wing. The body frame slides into the wings just like the back wings - so I luckily did not fall into that trap again!
    MOTHRA021.jpg MOTHRA022.jpg MOTHRA023.jpg

    Front wings attached. Even with extra weight of the tweezers on the right side (in the last picture) the model wants to
    fall to the left - so the center of gravity is way off - good thing this one is not for flight.
    MOTHRA024.jpg MOTHRA025.jpg MOTHRA026.jpg

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    Hmmm, I was wondering how this was going! Looking good! Lets see how Mothra does against the completed Striker Eureka! ;)
  4. Revell-Fan

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    She would team up with him and save Bambi! ;)
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    The moth epidemic was cured by the birds. The best the the State was nothing. Nature took care of it. The bird population grew and ate all the moths, while different birds ate the cocoons. By the time it was all over, the bird population returned to normal. Interesting to experience something like that, annoying as Hell!! :)

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    Thanks Cybergrinder!

    So here are the wings with the top and bottom parts of the body attached.

    Here we have the "decorations" for the wings being applied

    Wings are completed - working on tail section.

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    Final assemblies

    Based on the new Godzilla (2014), do you think the new Mothra will look something like this?:D

    Added extra support for the legs by adding a strip inside each one.
    MOTHRA032.jpg MOTHRA033.jpg MOTHRA034.jpg

    What if...

    Ready for the last assembly...
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    MOTHRA037.jpg MOTHRA038.jpg MOTHRA039.jpg MOTHRA040.jpg MOTHRA041.jpg MOTHRA042.jpg

    Not sure how long the legs/feet will support the weight of the model - they are not that sturdy. Guess it will have to be flying soon.

    And yes the Mothra song was playing in the background several times...

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  9. zathros

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    Nothing some stiff welding wire (TIG) couldn't fix. ;)

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    Good idea zathros! However they appear to be holding up fine on their own as the model has been sitting on a shelf since it was finished and I see no signs of buckling.
    I may eventually try to hang it.


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    Love that pic! :)

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    Thanks - I should cut out two certain fairies and place them in there somewhere...
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    Now that you mention them .... Love the fairies more..! ;)

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    Well, the feet have started to buckle - some water bottle caps appear to help the tired feet...
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    OH! What about strengthening them with wire?
  16. zathros

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    They sure are colorful, bright decorations!! They are pleasing to the eye, belies all the damage Mothra did to Tokyo!! :)
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    Well, it was more "collateral damage"! ;)

    Did anyone notice that terrarium in the new Godzilla movie which was seen in the children's room when father and son returned to their old home? There was a badge on it. It said .... "MOTHRA" ..! So I believe we will see her again in one of the next movies. :)

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    Wow, you catch everything!! :)

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