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    Start Date: 9/2014
    Designed by: Kumon (Publishing?)
    Pages: 20 (Parts)
    Why: Making a set

    Scissors and an X-ACTO knife if needed
    Metal wire (from clothes hanger) for holding down glued flaps inside the model
    Epson R320 Printer

    Craft Book
    Elmer's Craft-Bond Paper Craft Glue Gel
    Kodak Photo Paper (kinda glossy - the cheap thin one - good for buttons)

    Project 2 of three from the retail books. See the Godzilla! post for more details.
    (This was a purchased book so I'm afraid I can't legally provide copies - sorry.)

    The pages have been cut and scanned. Like the Godzilla model I have "fixed" the images to make them more vibrant. Since this is a set, I will continue to use the same glossy paper so they all have the same look - but next time matte paper may be better. They should be in "scale" to each other. King Ghidora (the next project) should be the tallest.

    MOTHRA001.jpg MOTHRA002.jpg MOTHRA003.jpg
    MOTHRA004.jpg MOTHRA005.jpg

    And off we go...:snaphappy:
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    Got side tracked when I saw this mini-Mothra - had to make one. :D
    One pager by Shaun Breedlove and Paper Toy Adventures.


    On to the 20 pager...
  3. Cybergrinder

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    this looks cool, can't wait to see how it comes together! (Don't forget the lens flares! ;))
  4. Revell-Fan

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  5. ----zathros---

    ----zathros--- -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Mosariyah is what it sounds like their saying. I always like Mothra. Can't stand moths though! :)
  6. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    They say "Mosurayah"; "Mosura" is the Japanese designation of the character (like "Gojira" is for "Godzilla"). ;)

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    That's the version of the song from one of the three Mothra movies that just came out on disc (my copy of the third movie has a ruined soundtrack - high pitched whine through out - had to lower the volume to almost nothing to be able to watch). Personally I like the version from one of the Godzilla movies - its a little faster paced...

    So here we have the head. Unfortunately I can't "cover" the dashed lines on a light color print with my markers - they are just too dark.. I suppose at some point I'll have to try editing the image and then print - but for now I'm continuing as is...:coldfeet:

    Here we have the three parts of the head fastened shown from the front and "inside".
    MOTHRA007.jpg MOTHRA008.jpg
    Eyes attached and the completed five piece mouth.
    Mouth attached.

    As you can see by the head, "next time around" I'd put some LEDs in the eyes - perhaps print on transparency paper?

    I'm curious how the wings will attach - looks like there is a rib support structure in there - but that's a way off yet - need to finish the head...

    Thanks for following along...:snaphappy:
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  8. Revell-Fan

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    I LOVE Mothra! :) Maybe you can cover up the lines with some water colours.

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Or I could Photoshop the pictures before posting...nah - I'll keep as is...the further away they are - the better my builds look!:rolleyes:
    But I will try water colors at some point - thanks for the tip Revell-Fan!

    Finished the head - here's Chibi - SD Mothra! :joyful:

    There are no excess glue splotches :( - you are imagining them...:artist: Zoom out, zoom out!
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  10. Revell-Fan

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    Glues protches you say? Where? - Oh... I'd rather say these were some residue from her hatching. ;)
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  11. ----zathros---

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    Mothra oozed a lot of stuff man, you ever squeeze a Moth? Hm? Ever? :)

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    You have a point zathros, but I'm going with Revell-Fan's hatching residue idea - it is a new build after all!:rolleyes:

    These appear to be the main structure that will hold the wings. The pieces are folded on themselves and glued - but I don't feel they are strong enough and will sag - so I am gluing an extra layer with the thickest card stock I have to each in hopes of strengthening it. The book shows the finished model suspended with string - I wonder how long it will hold its shape? Guess I'll need a really large ornament display stand.

    The wings also have a support "rib" that I'll double up as well.
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  13. Revell-Fan

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    None which is 20 m long! ;)
  14. ----zathros---

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    We had a "Moth" outbreak in Connecticut in the 1980's that was so bad, people were crashing their cars when they would put on their wipers and schmear these huge white moths into a paste across their windshield. The state got a lot of cr@p for doing nothing, but the next year, a certain bird population bloomed, and ate these things flying or cocooned. Nature balanced itself out. That was the worse year for motorcycle riding I can remember. So, I have schmeared a "Mothra's" worth of body goo over a years time. Never did find any tiny Asian girls though. Well, I have, just not in pairs. :)
  15. sidewinder81777

    sidewinder81777 Midnight Modeler

    mosura ya mosura = mothra oh mothra
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    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Poor Mosura ya Mosura (thanks for the translation sidewinder81777) has lost enough goo over the years...

    Its ok to let it go zathros, Mothra has - the past is the past...:D

    Here is the "main frame" assembled
    Here is a support rib in a wing half and another - both doubled up for support
    MOTHRA014.jpg MOTHRA015.jpg

    And here are both smaller wings ready for attachment. All edges colored in and glued - about two days of work...
    :stop: You would think after doing the Godzilla model from this company I'd have an idea of how to assemble these,
    but Noooooooooooooooo - if you look in the picture below you can see the blue arrows indicating how they should attach
    to the fame. Genius here glued the wings solid when they should be hollow so the tabs slide inside! :jawdrop: :rage: :arghh: :arghh: :arghh: :arghh: :arghh: :arghh: :banghead::banghead:

    Reprinting 4 pages... :(
    Always, always walk through the assembly first...:dead:
  17. Cybergrinder

    Cybergrinder Member Extraordinaire

    Possible suggestion (if you haven't reprinted...) Very carefully slice open the edge where the supports go & then the can slide into the wing?

    PS; Where's the lens flares? :explode:
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  18. Revell-Fan

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    Damn lens flares! They have dazzled Davestar and prevented him from following the instructions correctly. ;)

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    No can do Cybergrinder, genius here glued them wings real good! (for support!) :banghead:
    Yeah, lens flares - that's the ticket...I did just recently have new brighter light installed in the room, and I do wear glasses...:rolleyes:
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  20. ----zathros---

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    I wear glasses too, just got a new prescription. What really bothers me is when I go to put them on to see something, and I already have them on!!

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