Model Of The Month: 1/4 Scale Mercury Capsule: Done 1/1 Scale

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by PaperAir, Jan 11, 2011.

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    The Periscope was a navigation aid. It was used to determine attitudes in orbit such as normal orbit, retrograde, and earth vertical. It could also be used to compute altitude, drift, and speed. It was very heavy and was deleted in later missions. The astronauts decided the new window and a new smaller, lighter navigational reticle worked well enough. A lighter housing was retained after it was deleted to support the instrument panel.

    For further reading, any of the Mercury Familiarization Manuals will provide all the details you could want...

  2. PaperAir

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    Some more work done today 002.jpg




    006.jpg The bottom part is just floating on the top so i can adjust the angles when mounted in the capsule
  3. WeeVikes

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    That is just outstanding!

    Please tell me you've mounted mirrors in it...

  4. PaperAir

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    no mirrors sorry.And thank you
  5. PaperAir

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    two more for today .post more tomorrow. 009.jpg

  6. WeeVikes

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    No mirrors... that's ok.

    This is still a totally cool build!
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    If I tried something like this, my fiancée would kick me out of the house. (It would be SO worth it, though.)

    This is, truly, one of the greatest project ideas EVER.
  8. PaperAir

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    Funny you should mention that .In a couple of months I,ll be moving in with my girl friend and she is all for this project and wants to help.I know I found one of the really really great ones.And I do appreciate her everyday.
  9. PaperAir

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    001.jpg did some work on the breaker panel.
  10. PaperAir

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  11. PaperAir

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    I,m not too happy with the way the breaker panel was turning out so i,m redoing it.And I also started mocking up the bracket to fasten it to the inner wall of the space craft. 1-23-2011 12;00;49 AM.jpg


  12. Wow. This is all such fascinating stuff; it's almost like seeing someone building an real Mercury capsule. Which, scalewise, it actually is.
  13. PaperAir

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  14. PaperAir

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  15. Remarkable work, I have embarked on the journey myself, but in the 1/4 scale, things are going smooth sofar. I'm debating on wether to post photos, this will pale in comparison to what you got going on.

    I'm throughly enjoying this post, getting alot of ideas, keep us posted on the progress.
  16. PaperAir

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    I am looking forward to your thread on your 1/4 scale mercury.Post lots of pictures so I can get ideas from yours.
  17. WeeVikes

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    Paper, out of curiosity, how long do you suspect this project will take?

    What do you plan on doing for the outer structure/shingles? Based on what I've seen so far, I have no doubt your solution will be remarkable.

  18. PaperAir

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    I,m still thinking on the outer surface.I,m going to do a test on using 2 layers of poster board with a paper mache center.The poster board would give me the smooth surfaces and the mache would give it the stability.I was also thinking of having the whole thing braked down into sections.This way it can be moved because when it is done I would like to find a library or school to put it in.As far as how long your guess is as good as mine .I love the challenges it gives me every time I work on it.
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    Gee and I was impressed with the Snoopy as the WWI fighter pilot model I finished This is great stuff, I'm glad you are keeping us up to date on how its going. I'm sure it will be fantastic when finished. You are doing an amazing job.
  20. Mercsim

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    At first I thought you were crazy...But the idea is growing on me...My wife laughed. I told her it would be fun and I could probably whip it out in just a few weeks...I could add the plastic shingles or make some new ones from paper (black posterboard). I could make it in pieces (you mentioned that) with some magnets or small latches to hold it together. Hmmmm.....

    I think layered cutouts could simulate the shingles. I have access to a Laser cutter and I could probably make all the shingles from paper. There are approximately 1000 dimples. I have all the computer files. I'll work on some test shingles done. The model could be a "pure" paper model that way.

    There is roughly 73 sq. ft. of shingle area covering 36 shingles. Poster board is roughly 22x28 so it could take a full sheet for each one. We'll need extras for the dimples. At roughly $.50 a sheet, we are talking $25-50 probably. Any thoughts??? You'll have to glue those 1000 dimples together but you'll have nice laser cut parts to do it with.


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