Model Of The Month: 1/4 Scale Mercury Capsule: Done 1/1 Scale

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by PaperAir, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. PaperAir

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    Hi All I,m going to attept Scott,s 1/4 scale Mercury Capsule in 1-1 scale in paper.I,ve gone back and forth with Scott on the sizing I,m getting from my printer and I,m within an inch to true scale.Thats close enough if for me.I will be starting off with the smaller parts of the model and as space opens up for me when I move this spring I,ll get to the main body.The over all size will be 6ft 10 high and 6 ft 2 wide.I started the panel and a simple 1 page is taking on a life of it,s own. Picture 140.jpg

    Picture 141.jpg

    Picture 142.jpg
  2. WeeVikes

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    Just, wow!

    You, sir, have my complete attention!

  3. PaperAir

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    I,m sorry I,m correcting my self 9.59 ft high
  4. Incredible! Fantastic! Absurd! Amazing! Unbelievable! erm... errr... Great!
    I think you can notice I am quite enthusiastic of what you are building. Like Mike said: Wow.
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    How in the WORLD will you resist the temptation to "reinforce" various parts of the model to allow yourself to have your own "procedures trainer"?

    If I was building a 1:1 scale model, and I couldn't get in it... Wow, I don't think I could do that!

  6. ovation

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    Good luck,this sounds like it'l take a while :thumb:
    But it won't be as hard as when you do the Gemini :mrgreen:

  7. PaperAir

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    I was thinking of reinforcing the model with resin like they do with halo armor.I know what you mean.
  8. PaperAir

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    Does anyone know what size the toggles are on the toggle switches.
  9. PaperAir

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    I had to switch over to the para scope to get the angles right on the control panels.The pictures will get better when I borrow the camera back on monday. 01-15-2011 06;25;19PM.jpg

    Picture 143.jpg

    Picture 148.jpg
  10. PaperAir

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  11. DWest

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    Looks like a great start, good luck with your project.
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    Thank you DWEST and welcome to Zealot.I hope you enjoy the forum .
  13. PaperAir

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    here are some better pictures. 027.jpg





  14. PaperAir

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  15. Wow! When that has got a medium gray spray paint layer it will be very hard to see the difference with the real thing. Amazing!
  16. PaperAir

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    Thanks do you know what brand of spray paint is close to the color I need.And thank you for the info if you do.
  17. strawberry1963

    strawberry1963 strawberry1963

    nice job paperair and i cannt wait to see it finish wow that nice work you doing .
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    Its just a flat aircraft gray. You could probably search the net for some paint colors. Every aircraft cockpit was painted that color in those days.

    Here are a few photos. The first two are Freedom 7 (S/N 7). the middle one is from #10. The last two are from #5 (Ham's) Remember it was half full of water when they found it. They also used it later for dozens of ocean recovery tests so it was really exposed more than the others. Hence all the corrosion.... Hope it helps...

    I scaled them down to ease up/downloading.


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    Thanks Mercsim your assume.
  20. Excuse my ignorence...I'm not that well versed on the mercury capsule, but what exactly was the telescope used for? I know there was a window in front of the astronaut. Was there some sort of camera mounted inside, maybe for gathering film footage to be sent back to NASA?

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