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    You find all the deals. That saw at micromark is 100 bucks. Where did you find dial calipers for 15 bucks? That saw is so small, did it come with a decoder? :D

    Here is some of my weathered lumber thats been hanging out for a while. Redwood on the left doesn't weather to well but really rips easy. Poplar on the right is lookin about right.

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  2. jon-monon

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    The pair I have was mail ordered somewhere several years ago, probably harbor freight or northern hydastics. HDC also has them, and i think even cheap digi calipers. I know I saw digitals for under $30 somewhere recently. The two tests are to check them against something like the 1" slug that comes with a micrometer set and "zero" it, then fully open and close them four or five times and see if they are still zero'd. I also got a cheap mike set at HDC and they were accurate, but stiff, so I took them apart, cleaned and relubed and they are pretty good now.

    That wood looks great, is it already cut small?
  3. philip

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    Cool info. The redwood is 1-1/4 ripped off-fall scrap from the job site ripped down to ahout 1/16. problem is ripping it on the big delta............. need a featherboard keeps kicking "fling" back with huge blade and small stock. I bet your little saw would rip it.

    messin around Christmas day last year and made this creche. You should start selling scale "weathered" lumber. Notice how some of the edges are not so weathered.

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    Whaddya know. The Homier Tool Show is in town 11,12,13,14. :thumb: I'll have to see if i cant find it there. Perfect timing on this thread. hehe
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    Ratz! That's upstate... Good 4-6hr. drive for me...
    See where they might be headed next, if you could.

    See what'cha did Jon... Poor people aren't gonna be able to keep
    them lil' tablesaws in stock now.
    ;) :D :D
  6. MasonJar

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    Re: where


    Try . Go to the "item search" and enter dial calipers. 5 out of the 6 results should come in under US$30.

  7. George D

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    That looks like a handy tool. Thanks for the info and pictures.
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    sounds like it's definitely worth the money
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    I'll have to get back to ya on that one cuz i looked on their website and they dont have a list. I'll see if i cant find out from someone that works at the show.
  10. b28_82

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    Well i went to the show and they didnt have any adn the website shows they are out of stock on em. I did get a nice set of assorted clamps including spring and bar clamps. :thumb:
  11. Matthyro

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    Earlier they had stock but would only ship to US addresses so we Canadians lost out.
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    Homier is having a show this fri 19th(10AM til 8PM) and sat 20th (10am til 6pm) in Martinsville IN just south of INDY just west of ST RD 37 on ST RD 252(hospital drive)
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    Leghome! Long time no see... How you?

    Thanks b28... Any word on the next stop... or is Leghome's
    location the only one?
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  15. belg

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    George that was a very timely tip thanks Pat.

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