M200 1:1 rifle...under construction.

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  1. Here's a little perspective on the size of this thing. As you can see the muzzle still droops, even after beefing it up with toung depresser sticks to no avail. I will be cutting the muzzle down to one section only, it won't be an exact replica but it will correct the droop and still look leathal.

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    holy smoke.
  3. Ok....here's the cut down version. I actually kept two sections of the muzzle, no more droop, turned out great, and still looks leathal.

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    What are those things that attached to the sound suppressors?
  5. I have no idea, they were part of the kit. Darkants is the designer, I'm shure he would know, maybe if he checks back in to see the progress he'll read this and give us an answer.
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    lol i dont know eather they were on the reference pics i used had somthin to do with a ballistics computer or some such
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    Very nice build did you need to up scale this work of art

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