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  1. Seaboard

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    At least the lurkers aren't as bad as stalkers. I usually get on the sight look around for a bit and then log on if I need to.

    Anyways Hello all![​IMG]
  2. hiscopilot

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    and I changed my original thread Title to eliminate the misinterpretation! :)
  3. corwinktbt

    corwinktbt Old-time steam.

    I have to admit to being a long-time lurker, having registered only a week ago. I only recently signed up as I've finally gotten a job in my profession again (programming) after the entire office I worked at was laid off three years ago. When I first started viewing the gauge over a year ago I didn't have a lot of time for building models and less time available for using the computer. Now I have time and money and have started a layout (again). It seems like a nice friendly place, and I love the scratchbuilding posts here, they are very inspiring.

    Anyway, I'll introduce myself a bit:

    I was given an HO set at 5yrs old and have been having fun with trains since then. Grew up in a small town on the MILW mainline and currently am in central IL area.

    Scale: Currently HO, did some N scale a long time ago, have a couple years of On30 under the belt, but I'm currently concentrating on the HO layout.

    Era: 1870s Central IL Freelancing a shortline based on a railroad called the Litchfield, Carrolton and Western (name was almost longer than the railroad)

    I chose the 1870s partly because the engines and cars were smaller and I can fit more on my two 2x8 tables and partly because the fact that most crews took pride in their engines and kept them polished. I also chose it because I would have an excuse to scratchbuild.

    Layout: L shaped (two 2x8 tables) in a 8x10ft area.

    Favorite parts of the hobby: Research, scratchbuilding cars and buildings (almost has to be done to model the 1870s), operation(still trying to get the 1870s HO railroad workers to understand how to use the Microsoft Access waybill system).
  4. Seaboard

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    Hi Corwinktbt, and welcome to the gauge:wave: . I to got my first trainset when I was 5 to. And Iv'e been having fun with it for 11 years:D .
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    SHHHHH.:wave: Don't tell the boss I am lurking on the Gauge. I hate working Saturdays:curse:
    Tom:D :D
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    Because of the wife having surgury before Christmas and me having the flue several times, I just haven't felt like doing much computer stuff. I do log on once in a whilel to see what is cooking lately
  7. Nick R.

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    I'm one of those lurkers as well. Been checking out the site now for a couple of months. I've got a 2' x 7' city module that I built. But I've been putting off scenicing it for years. Stumbled upon this site while looking for tips and tricks. Seems there is a wealth of information here and I just joined a day or two ago. Hopefully after I get started with my scenicing I'll have more tips and tricks to add.

    Guess just a little bit more, I'm also into 1.5 Scale "Live Steam". Been doing that for the last 10 -12 years as well. May have to post some pictures of that stuff your enjoyment.

  8. CNWman

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    I usualy "lurk" when I'm in a time crunch to see what's new here
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    Hisco - I had the same question some time ago. If you click on the "currently active" link it will take you to a listing of who is on line. You will find that a lot of those "311" guests are actually spiderbots from search engines such as Yahoo, Google, etc. There doesn't seem to be a way to differentiate the actual "living guests" from the "cyber search bots" that make up that number. Just a for what it's worth note.

    Have fun - always:) :)

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