Logging Photos - Wet Side WA/OR

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    I almost forgot, that sure doesn't look like Oklahoma to me.
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    Logging Photos-Wet Side WA/OR

    I had some time to post larger scans of the above posted photos to my web server. Here is the link:


    The page will load and show 6 thumbs. Click on the thumb you want to view. These are LARGE files and with dialup will take some time to download. With either a cable/DSL connection they should load much faster, almost instantly.

    I test printed a couple of the files, and with a good printer, good photo type paper, and the best printer settings, they should yield a rather nice print.

    Using an article by Merv Johnson titled "Identifying Donkeys - Valves and Valve Gear," from issue No. 67 of "Tall Timber Short Lines," I think I've been able to identify the donkey loader as a Willamette three drum loading engine. The yarding donkey, I think is a Smith & Waton built machine.

    Jimmy "B"
    Reno, NV
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    Great, Jimmy. Thanks!

    The top right donkey, a-series03.jpg, is interesting because it has a flat, solid, deck and two seperate roller fairleads side by side instead of on top of one another. How bout that square wooden water tank with quite a leak! Great stuff!

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