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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by prodigy2k7, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. dsfraser

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    Support your local hobby shop.

    e-tailers are making it harder and harder for them to stay alive. They have rent to pay, or else property taxes, interest on the inventory they carry, and payroll for the people who help you sort it out. The few dollars more you might pay for a locomotive help keep them alive. It makes it possible for you to buy paint and glue and tools and decals and detail parts and magazines without going online. It gives you a place to ask questions, to hang out, and to meet other modellers in your community.

    These are things that matter to me, so I support my local hobby shop. That's not to say I will pass on a very good deal available on eBay, but for for the most part, for routine purchases, they get my business.

    Just my 2¢. Think about it. Brick-and-mortar hobby shops are an endangered species, and without our support, we're headed for a world where everything must be ordered online.

    Scott Fraser
  2. CRed

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    My sentiments also,and bsically what I meant in my post earlier.

    I love my local hobby shop,the guy that owns it is a really nice guy,I know because I worked for him.He's very knowledable on trains,his father started out selling Lionel out of his gas station in the 40's- 50's,but decided to just go just the train and hobby route and opened Carr's Hobby.It's a great place,excellent stock at fair prices and sells everything you could want.From RC to Brea horses and everything in between.Plus if I want something hand painted for say the DM&IR,SOO Line or DWP I just have to ask and he'll have someone do it for me.Try getting a factory painted DWP engines or rolling stock,it's impossible.

    So unless I find a great deal on E-Bay or he doesn't have what I need that's where I go.

  3. oldtanker

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    Chris I can't wait to get over to Duluth and go to Carr's. While the guy in Moorhead is nice he doesn't know anything about DCC and other than taking my money hasn't been real helpful (thats why I spend so much time on here). If I go the other way to St Cloud it's hit and miss often with a comment of "I'm not into trains, RC cars, boats, planes, gaming are my thing".

    The only reason I don't buy a lot of stuff online is because I like to see what I'm buying.

  4. Gary S.

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    I'm lucky to have two large "trains only" hobby shops here in Houston. I have developed a first-name-basis relationship with them both, and I support them. I will buy on-line if I need something they don't have, but other than that, it is LHS for me. I don't mind paying a few dollars more, the service and the resource is worth it.

    Awhile back, I bought a P2K GP30 and it was pretty noisy, I took it back to the shop, he stripped it down right there, cleaned the old lube out, re-lubed it, and made sure the gears weren't cracked, that all the parts were in place, etc, and now it runs great. And another benefit is these shops have a pretty extensive inventory and I enjoy going in and browsing for hours at a time.

    Now on the other hand, if you don't have a good hobby shop in driving distance, then on-line it is.
  5. oldtanker

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    Gary thats another problem:cry: , St Cloud is 90 miles......Moorhead is......you guessed it.....90 miles in the other direction:rolleyes: .

  6. oldtanker

    oldtanker Member

    Gary thats another problem:cry: , St Cloud is 90 miles......Moorhead is......you guessed it.....90 miles in the other direction:rolleyes: .

  7. CRed

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    Well make sure to send me a PM when you plan on coming up here and I'll take a ride with you.You will NOT be disappointed,John(Jack) is a great guy,very friendly,helpful and knowledable.In fact everybody that goes there is,kinda like the old general stores in old towns where people used meet to talk.You have got to see his "O" layout in the back room,it's incredible.He has shelves just stocked with Pre-War trains of all makes and alot of reissued special edition trains,it's awesome!

  8. prodigy2k7

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    Dont worry, im going to spend lots of money there soon on new track and switch tracks. They are going to get between 100-200 dollars from me soon :p lol
  9. oldtanker

    oldtanker Member

    Chris will do, can't do it for a month or 2, thinking maybe the spring and take the scenic north shore route home:thumb:


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