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    Believe it or not, (I just about hit the floor when I saw them at the Wal-Mart here) they are Norscot. Have'nt bought any yet, but I'm guessing they're not as detailed as the collectables they make, but would(As OLtanker showed), make great loads(My first thought).
    Time to go to the LHS for some flatcars..........
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    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    I just went to the Wal-Mart here and I was shocked to see them but there they were. They only ha 2 of the bulldozers and you were right they don't have many moving parts but they are still great.

    Hey OLDTAKER, do the wheels move on the scraper, front loader, and Water truck?

    And thanks for telling us about these at WAL-MART.:thumb: :)

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    The wheels move on the wheeled vehicles. The tracks are cast and do not move. I found them while getting my 3 year old grandson his birthday present....a train table from Target and while on the way home I decided he needed another wooden trainset! I just happened to be walk into the isle that the small cars and such are in and saw them.....grandpa got a few presents that day too!
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    sign1 sign1 That's cool and thanks again for the info. I would much rather only spend around $6.00 for each one, cause these one's are just going to sit and be tied down on the flat cars.
    The other one's though have to be able to move around the construction sites to give it more realism (dumping into dump trucks, digging in holes and so on). I guess Ill have to keep getting the $20.00 one's too.:curse: wall1

    Any other ideas for loads??
  7. here are some ties i done as if some one would like to use em as a load idea:)

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    Are thos HO scale flatbeds or O scale? Looks cool.
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    One thing you can do to make yor modelling $ go farther if you need more than one or two of anything is to buy one and make a mold of silicone and then cast as many as you need in plaster. Our modular club has a club corner known as the "Orange Grove Corner." In case you haven't guessed, it is a Southern California orange grove. One club member built a field box out of styrene, filled it with foam, and topped it with Woodland Scenics oranges. He made a mold and cast some more and then painted them when they came out of the mold. Finally, he made a small stack of the boxes and made another mold, and cast a few stacks. Then he put enough of the stacks together to load a Mini-Metals 56 Ford stake bed truck and made a mold for that and casted up a couple of truck loads. Now we have some individual field boxes scattered about the orange grove waiting to be picked up and stacked, some stacked waiting to be loaded, and two or three trucks loaded and headed to the packing house to have the oranges boxed and loaded into reefers.
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    I would second the good doctor's recommendation of Hamilton Model Works. I have several of their kits (some even built! ;)) and they are great. Brian is also very helpful - I have emailed him on occasion for more detail or advice about his kits, and he has replied professionally and promptly with loads of good information.

  11. i finaly done a few 4x8 sheets of plywood. i used jumbo sized craft sticks used a ho scale ruler and hobby knife to do the trimming needed.

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    Over sized craft sticks. I will have to go to the store and get some!!

    Those are cool and look like they would work great.

    It seems you never run out of ideas railroader9731.:thumb:

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