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    Alicia's mom lives down south near Paso Robles Ca on the SP Coast Line, so we don't see her very often as it's about a 4 hour drive. She does come up for the holidays though and each Christmas, since her Dad was a CB&Q Engineer, she always looks for something train related for me as Christmas Gifts. This Christmas though, she nailed a slam dunk. She went to a train shop in Atascadero (I wasn't even aware there WAS one in Atascadero) and bought me "Union Pacific Vintage West" on DVD from Charles Smiley Presents. I haven't seen many Pentrex videos I really liked much, but every Chrales Smiley video I have seen was top notch. This one has special coverage of the UP-WP merger and was PERFECT for my railroad tastes. Charles Smiley Presents

    Apparently, she was at the shop and called Alicia and asked her which railroad I liked and Alicia told her I was mainly into the WP, so when she saw the WP logo on the cover, she picked that one. It's really a great DVD, it is ALL color and features 2-8-2's, 4-6-6-4's, 4-12-2's in helper service, Both types of UP turbines, PA-1's, SD-24's, GP-9's, 20's, 30's, and 35's, DD-45's, DD-40's, Cabless units of all types, Alco switchers, SD40-2's, and of course all types of old WP power. It even has footage from Pacific Electric, Sacramento Northern and Key System, and features the old SN detour trains running on the ATSF out of Stockton to get to US Steel in Pittsburg, CA. It's the best video I have in my small RR video collection. There's even footage from the old Rock Island and Milwaukee roads. Several clips of old Mopac, this video rocks.
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    Here's my MRR haul...minus the compressor, gift certs, and cash for trains...

    And here's one of the sets of working Link & Pin couplers...

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  3. Well lets see here... No photos, but I got...

    Athearn Sounder F59PHI
    Athearn BN SD40
    Athearn Genesis Great Northern F7 C Unit (Empire Builder)
    Walthers GN Empire Builder Diner
    Walthers GN Empire Builder Vista Dome
    Walthers GN Empire Builder Great Dome
    Walthers GN Empire Builder Observation
    Walthers Superliner Coach IVb scheme
    Walthers Superliner Sleeper IVb scheme
    Athearn NW Container Maxi III well car (5 Pack)
    Athearn 45' Container, Hanjin (3 Pack)
    Athearn 40' Container & Chassis, Yang Ming
    Walthers 40' Container, Hyundai (3 Pack)
    100 Pack of Code 83 Atlas Track, 9in
    Bundle of 20 flex track
    24' of Woodland scenic road bed
    Walthers Diesel House
    Walthers Whitehall Station

    And non-railroad related
    AT&t 8525 palm pilot/cell phone
    Couple of Xbox 360 video games...

    What I'm most excited about is the Empire Builder equipment. That brings my walthers passenger car list for the train to 8 cars... I only need another 3 cars to bring it to a prototypical consist. The C unit F7 also means I just need an A-B to power it all.
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    ummm... you better set aside a couple weeks just for band of brothers......10 hours long i think, i had mine a year and not to the end yet.
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    I don't have pics yet, but they are coming...
    I got a new airbrush, compressor, regulator
    A DPM module kit which will become part of my new GERN complex (read more here: http://forum.zealot.com/t155126/).
    several bits of Athearn and Proto 1000/2000 rolling stock.
    Some woodland scenics ground cover materials, and a few non-rail related items.

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and the new year is good to you too.
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    Well guys the closest thing to mrr stuff I got was a craftsman shop stool from my son. it has a hydraulic hight adjustment. do I can easily change hieght as needed in mrr building. since I had a stroke I have had trouble with this as I can't stand as usual and he has cut the legs off of cheap wood bar stools( walmart $15.00 type) I am sure you all know the stools I am talking about. Now I can set hieght as I desire and chage it as needed. for me I'll take the stool over rolling stock or locos. but it looks like Tom aced every one.
  7. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Congrats Tom! I think you may have received the best gift!
    I got this PC bay window caboose!
  8. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    ...and four 100 ton hoppers. Two were lettered NYC and two for the Penn Central.

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    Nice stuff ya got there Ralph. Where do you get most of your train stuff here in Saint Paul (Hub Hobby or Scale Models I would guess)?
  10. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    I do browse Scale model occasionally, especially their back room where I sometimes find great cheap stuff or junk to recondition. I also visit Becker's in New Brighton on Silver Lake Rd. He carries only HO.

    The gifts above were procured by my wife (ain't she something?) :) from Becker's.
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    For Train related stuff, I got two books. "Locomotives: A Complete History of the World's Greatest Locomotives and Fabulous Train Journeys" and "The History of North American Steam" I also got a little hand made wooden train that spells out "DAD" from my daughter. (She didn't make it but Mommy helped her buy it on eBay. LOL)

    I also got all 3 "Pirates of the Caribbean" DVD's and the Pirates of the Caribbean video game. I was up until 4AM watching all 3 movies back to back. LOL.....

    Here's the train stuff:

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    I got a tripod from my wife, so I can take pics of my layout.

  13. CNWman

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    oh jeez, I'm gonna need to take some pictures now:mrgreen:
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    That's a really nice tripod, mine is considerably cheaper looking.
    As an after Christmas prsent to myself I bought a used digital camera off ebay and a roundhouse Caboose with working marker lights. The camera should be here by the end of the week so I can finally take pictures of the layout and post them without waiting for developing.
  15. CNWman

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    OK, let me see. Here's some of the stuff I got:

    Little people, a custom painted vending machine, and my first steam engine:mrgreen:...
    A VERY limited edition O scale pay-roll car kit, #183 of only 2000 made!...
    Metroid Prime 3 Corruption for Wii and a Dilbert collection...
    Lego Exo-Force, a transformer, and a shirt with Mavel super-heroes...
    The Transformers and Transformers: Begginings DVD's, both DS Transformer games, and a book for the gold presidential coins...
    And a little Eevee figuring from my girlfriend, although it's the only remnant of a babushka doll-like present that was supposed to give me a good laugh:mrgreen:

    EDIT: opps!:oops: I frogot this one:
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