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    Most folks who visit the Photography Forum are familiar with my layout (some might say too familiar with :rolleyes: ), and I've had several requests for a track plan. Since I still don't have a scanner, the trackplan will have to wait, but I thought that a tour of the layout room might help to put things in perspective.
    The crude drawing below (which explains why you haven't seen a trackplan done using "Paint") :D will help you get your bearings as you scan through the photos.
    The grey areas denote the parts of the layout that will eventually be double-decked. The drawing is not to scale, and the room size is approximately 560 sq. ft.

    A view from the entrance to the room: Port Maitland is to the right, with stacked staging yards to the left. Freight car storage is in boxes below.

    View to the right from the doorway: Port Maitland and GERN Industries in the foreground, with part of the Lowbanks shops in the background. In the extreme background, part of the peninsula with the line to the second level.

    A view to the left of the doorway.The single track on the lowest level is the TH&B interchange track for Port Maitland, on the opposite side of the aisle. The other track, leading off the switch in the foreground, allows continuous operation, when desired, on this normally point-to-point railroad. It emerges on the lower level of Dunnville. Above these is a pair of long sidings (with the reefers visible near the post) which represent unmodelled industries in Dunnville. Above all of this is the main south end staging yard for the layout. Five tracks merge into two, then enter the layout through the backdrop in the distance, emerging on the upper level trackage in Dunnville. Yet to be built, above this, is the north end staging for the layout, which will cross the doorway on a single track lift-out, emerging in a city above Port Maitland. Below the layout, on shelves, interchange car storage.

    View back to room entrance. To the left, part of Lowbanks in the foreground, with Port Maitland and GERN beyond that. To the right, a bit of Dunnville in the foreground, with staging beyond that.

    Another view from the opposite end of the entrance aisle. Part of Dunnville can be seen at right: the structure sliced-off at the edge of the layout is the Evell Casket Co. Beyond that, the staging area, with excess car storage on shelves below.

    Looking slightly left and back towards the door, the Lowbanks shop complex is in the centre, with Lowbanks stretching out to the left, on the Chippawa Creek aisle. The aisle on the right leads back to the entrance to the room. The gap in the backdrop is to allow for installation of a compound bracket, which will help support the proposed second level of the layout.

    If you turn right at the end of the entry aisle, this is what you'll see: a view into the Chippawa Creek aisle. Lowbanks is to the right, Elfrida, partially visible, is to the left, with Chippawa Creek in the centre. The blank facia in the left foreground is for part of the peninsula with the grade to the second level.

    Here's a closer view into the Chippawa Creek aisle. Lowbanks is to the right, Elfrida is to the left, with Chippawa Creek in the centre.

    A view from the end of the Chippawa Creek aisle. Lowbanks is on the left, and Elfrida to the right. Dunnville is in the centre background. Above Elfrida, the opening in the backdrop is where the second level of the layout will begin.

    Another view from the Chippawa Creek aisle. Dunnville is at centre, with a corner of Lowbanks visible in the left foreground. Beyond that, at the left edge, the staging area. The facia at the right side of the photo is part of the peninsula that allows trackage to gain altitude between South Cayuga and the second level of the layout.

    View along the peninsula from near Elfrida. Dunnville is to the left.

    Dunnville industrial area looking north, left, with part of the peninsula to the right.

    A bit farther into the aisle, Dunnville, looking north, with Airline Junction in the centre, and the icehouse just visible at right.

    And from the same spot as the previous picture, with the camera swung to the right, Dunnville, with the icehouse in the foreground and Mercury Mills behind it. To the right is more of the peninsula facia: you can just see the mainline to the upper level.

    View at the end of the peninsula, at right, with the outskirts of Dunnville at left, and South Cayuga in the centre.

    Looking back towards Dunnville, with part of the peninsula facia at left, Airline Junction to the right, and the icehouse just visible at the extreme right.

    And a similar view to the one above, taken from a bit farther back.

    This view was taken from the same place as the previous picture, with the camera swung around 90 degrees to the left. View from the end of the peninsula, at right, with South Cayuga to the left and the Speed River bridges in the distance.

    Looking left, we see part of South Cayuga.

    Looking right, more of the peninsula. With the scenic landforms not yet finished in the centre, it's a great place to collect junk. :rolleyes:

    Again looking left, but a bit farther into the aisle, the view towards end of Speed River aisle, with South Cayuga at left.

    And looking right again, another view towards end of Speed River aisle, with peninsula with grade to the second level at right .

    Another view left at end of Speed river aisle: Erie Northshore tracks are in the foreground - this is the east end of their Speed River bridge. Grand Valley tracks are in the background - this is the south end of their Speed River bridge.

    And another view right at the end of the Speed River aisle: the lower track, heading west into the tunnel, belongs to the Erie Northshore and is bound for Elfrida. The upper track, belonging to the Grand Valley, is headed northbound towards Park Head and the second level.

    South Cayuga, as viewed from the blind end of the Speed River aisle.

    Grade to upper level at left, with South Cayuga just visible at right, as viewed from the blind end of the Speed River aisle.

    View at Elfrida (lower level) looking east, where upper level will begin. You can see the end of the subroadbed hanging out over the trees. The gap in the backdrop is to facilitate fastening the second level benchwork to the wall.

    View at Elfrida (lower level) looking east, with view of grade to upper level above (looking south). The track, Erie Northshore, entering the tunnel leads uphill to the Speed River bridge.

    A birdseye view of the grade from lower level to beginning of upper level - as seen from upper level looking south. Dunnville is to the left, with Mercury Mills in the centre distance.

    If you've made it this far, I hope that you've enjoyed this photo expedition into my layout room, and that it makes for a clearer understanding of the layout. Please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. :)

  2. galt904

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    What a fantastic layout! (although there are a few more tunnels than I remember seeing in SW Ontario :) )
  3. cnw1961

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    Wayne, thank you very much for these pictures. To see, how all the scenes from the photos you posted so far belong together is very, very interesting. All I can say to this overall view and your layout is WOW. (I am speechless now :D ).
  4. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    What a great looking layout!!! I really enjoyed your photo tour, thanks for sharing your great modeling...

    Bob :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    DoctorWayne, I don't blame you for posting all those great pictures. That is something to be really proud of. Spectacular layout !

  6. CCT70

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    This has got to be my favorite model railroad of all time. I am continually amazed every time I view a new photo. Heck, I'm equally amazed everytime I open a photo I have seen before of your railroad.

    Has this railroad ever been featured in a magazine? If not, it's way over due.

    COMBAT Member

    Thanks for sharing. We normally dont see this kind of thing. I really appreciate the OVER ALL view as you would see if you visited. Thanks again!
  8. 91rioja

    91rioja Member

    Wayne, that is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing. I do have a question, what did you use for the fascia? It looks like a cardboard one.
  9. beamish

    beamish HO & Steam Engineer

    Thankyou for that amazing tour. I felt like i was walking around as you described each section to me. I only hope that someday my layout can be half a nice as yours.
    Thanks Doc.
  10. Nazgul

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    It is great to have a tour and the thing I am most thankful for is the amount of unfinished areas...that just means that there will be more great photos and narratives for a long time to come:thumb:.
    Besides all of your wonderful work, I was blown away by the amount of kit boxes underneath the bench:eek:. It is just another testament to your passion for your ART:thumb:
    Thank you
  11. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    WOW,that is all i can say.i wish i had room for a layout THAT big!and that second level looks like it will turn out great,not that any of your other work wasnt AWESOME aleady!
    but you wait till i get a layout then will see whos beggin for more.....sign1 sign1 sign1 great work wayne.i cant say it enough.--josh:wave:

  12. cn nutbar

    cn nutbar Member

    outstanding my friend---almost as good as being there
  13. Kanawha

    Kanawha Member

    Amazing layout! I saw quite a bit of steam power in that staging yard. Whats your roster consist of?
  14. doctorwayne

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    Thanks to all for the kind responses.
    Chad, the tunnel wouldn't have happened if the room had been a bit bigger. It would've allowed a bigger peninsula, which in turn would've permitted me to run the tunnel track around the peninsula, in the open. This also would have had the benefit of much gentler grades: the hill through the tunnel is about 2.5%, while the line up the peninsula is 2.8%.
    In southern Ontario, there are the tunnels at Windsor, and, closer to me, the so-called "Blue Ghost" tunnel in St. Catharines, which was the Great Western tunnel under the Welland Canal. :D :D
    Tom, the layout hasn't been featured anywhere but on the Gauge, and in its present state, there's not enough "finished" to support more than the occasional photo. I do appreciate your comment, though.
    Thanks COMBAT, this is about as close as I can come to offering anybody a tour of the layout. :cry:
    Chris, the facia is 1/8" Masonite hardboard (as are the coved corners of the room). It bends easily, is cheap, and can be painted (if I get ambitious :D ) I used cardboard from appliance boxes to hide most of the junk stored beneath the layout, but the plan is to make sliding doors from more Masonite, then put a lower facia from the bottom shelf (visible in some pictures) to the floor. Once the second level benchwork is up, those fluorescent lights stored under the peninsula will be installed beneath the upper level, then I'll put a Masonite skirting down to the floor all around the peninsula.
    Steve, I was hesitant to show the layout in full, mainly because there is so much that's not finished. However, I've never made a secret of that fact, and perhaps showing the mess will encourage others to carry on when it seems like they're getting nowhere. The kit boxes stored under the staging yards are a handy way to represent interchange: when a car comes into the yard, bound for "somewhere else", it goes back in its box. New cars come out to go onto the layout. Some of those boxes contain 2 or 4 cars, and the two "Goat" boxes seen near the orange garbage pail are for locos. Top one is full of diesels, the bottom one is for the steamers, which are mostly on the layout. There are also 3 more "Goat" boxes in the seventh picture down (the corner view at Lowbanks). The single one is MofW equipment, and the 2 stacked ones are passenger equipment.
    Kanawha, the steam roster is mostly Bachmann: there are four Consolidations, with one more being built in the shop, two Ten Wheelers (on the layout, but not yet modified for service) and a Mountain. There are also 2 Moguls, one from IHC and the other a brass import, four rebuilt Athearn Mikados, and a Proto USRA 0-8-0. I have another Bachmann Consolidation in the shop being converted into a CNR loco, and a very old John English Pacific that is in for a cosmetic rebuild. I also have some diesels, although most don't get run too much, as the layout is (usually) set in the 1930s . There are photos of all but the Ten Wheelers and the two Consolidations that are under construction in various threads around the Gauge, or you can check 'em out in the Gallery at

    some foe-toes (Be forewarned, though, there are almost 2800 photos here)

  15. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    We should all have such a "mess"!;) I am just glad that there will be new areas to be "discovered" in the future.:thumb:

    I have probably seen all of the pics you have here on The Gauge and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Your work is (as a mutual friend would say) "SLAP FANTASTIC"....but as a relatively new modeler, what impresses me the most is the way that you share and explain your work in a way that I can understand and appreciate all the more because of it. When you do a thread, from time to time, that shows a train going from point A to point B and explain (in easy to understand terms) what it's itinerary and purpose is....That is a HUGE help in my understanding of how a railroad operates. The fact that it is all done with impeccable trains and structures surrounded by beautiful scenery, just makes it all the more impressive. I guess that I'm just trying to say that I never feel that you are talking down to those of us with less experience or talent.
    This is just a long overdue.............THANK YOU
  16. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    To Steve, and everyone else who takes the time to view my pictures: Thank You!! When people enjoy what I post, it makes it worthwhile for me to have posted. ;)

  17. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    doc,there has more stuff of yours i have saved and printed since it was good as any expensive book! :thumb: like weathering with an airbrush,operations,etc.and you shouldnt be thanking us,we just look.YOU deserve a thank you for all you knoledge and help for everyone including me.--josh
  18. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Great tour Doc, but pics 16 through 29 were only little red x's :( :( What I could see was way cool though. :thumb: :thumb:
  19. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    THAT IS JUST STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop

    Thanks so much for the layout Tour Wayne bounce7 bounce7
  20. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Fantastic Tour!!!

    Wayne...:eek: :eek: :eek: ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!:thumb: THANK YOU, for the layout tour:D. thats as close as i will get to being there, and you did an OUTSTANDING JOB making me feel as though i was there;):D.

    hey Wayne, i noticed a few places that i don't recall seeing pics of before that look like they are finished, like behind the engine shop, around some of your cattle pens, stations, etc. i would like to see MORE close ups of these areas;).

    i also agree with Steve, after seeing all the unfinished areas, its really going to keep us on the edge of our seats waiting to see what areas you finish next:thumb:.

    THANK YOU WAYNE!:D, GREAT TOUR!:thumb: :D -Deano

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