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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by doctorwayne, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Hmmm. I've just noticed a couple of posts in this thread for which I didn't receive notification. My apologies for not noticing earlier and my thanks for your kind remarks.
    And John (fwpoppy), welcome to the Gauge.:wave: :wave:

  2. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Man, I missed this one too! I'm not really sure how long the mainline is: I bought a case of flex track, and used all of it, plus a few more pieces. However, there are passing tracks in all of the towns, plus industrial sidings and the staging tracks. The long grade that goes to the second level is about 45' long, but, other than that, nothing has been measured.
    As for the Gallery, there aren't that many pictures in the new Gallery (yet).:roll: There are about 550 there, mostly for rebuilding old threads, but there are also a few newer photos mixed in. I'm trying to have a separate Album for each of the longer threads, with short threads grouped together. There are separate Albums for locos, freight cars, passenger cars, etc., etc., so it should be easier for me to find a photo when I need one to answer a question or illustrate an answer.

  3. wickman

    wickman Member

    Wow what a humoungess layout, excuse me while I go see if I can find more of your great pics:wave:
    Great job.
  4. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Thanks. :smile: Here's a link to a thread that contains links to all of the pictures that have been restored after the "move":

    A fresh update...

  5. wickman

    wickman Member

    Thanks I was having a bit of a hard time finding them.:wave:
  6. modelsof1900

    modelsof1900 Member

    Wonderful pictures!!! Because I did not see them before? I know, I'm overemphasized to Sratchin' and Bashin' - my problem.

    Wayne, one of best picture series that I have seen. Excellent pictures, excellent description and a wonderful and helpful link collection.

    I wish all of us your comments and help in all problems and questions.
  7. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Thank you, Charlie. For anyone wanting to go to the Gallery, just click on "Gallery" in the top right-hand corner of your screen. This will take you to a page where you can select from several options, all with interesting photos from all of the various hobby groups within Zealot. Mine are in "Miscellaneous Member Categories", although a link doesn't display when you open that category. Instead (and to find anybody's Gallery) type in the "User Name" of the person whose Gallery you'd like to look at, hit "Go", then click on "My Album" or on the photo that appears. Any thumbnail in the Gallery can be clicked on to yield a full-size picture, and many of those can be clicked on again to give an even bigger enlargement.

  8. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    I cannot get enough of your fantastic layout doc. I frequently check your photo galleries for motivation and inspiration to get going on my own work.

    Now, hurry up and get that dang second level up and running already will ya!!! If I get all my track handlaid before you finish your second level you owe me a bottle of scotch not less then 18 y.o.

    If you beat me...then I owe you the same. Deal?

    The loser has to hand deliver the winning prize.

    ( Secretly hoping I lose so I have an excuse to drive to your place and see your layout in person. )
  9. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Thanks Shane, but as interesting as the prize might be, I'm pretty sure that you'll be finished first. I need to finish the lower level over which that second level will be located before I can start construction, and loco rebuilds are at the top of my "to do" list. My wife has a different version of my "to do" list, too. ;) Something to do with renovations.:eek:

    Thanks for catching that one Charlie: as a Moderator, I'm not always sure that what I see is the same as what other Members see. :rolleyes:
    As for the rest, perhaps we'll get a chance to discuss things this summer. ;)

  10. modelsof1900

    modelsof1900 Member


    a graet model layout !!!!

    I think a very good planing of industry and scenery and I'm sure there are many 100 super details. I wish I could see you work in reality.

    However an additional wish. Can you set links behind your pictures so that we click for more greater pictures with a better resolution? I hope to see many more of your fine details. And I think that many of us would get new ideas for own modeling and scenery.

    All in all a really excellent work without to own an extraordinary great room. Congratulation again !!!!

  11. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    Awww....come on now. I was only teasing anyways. ;-)

    My wife also has a to do list for me as well...except I keep losing it in the garbage...err... :eek:

  12. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Thanks Bernhard, I'm glad that you took the "tour". Here's a link to the Layout (room) tour pictures in the Gallery. Simply click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, then click again on the enlargement to get an even bigger image. I hope that you won't be too disappointed, though, as the photos certainly won't stand up to the kind of scrutiny that yours do, and much of the perceived detail is not yet actually modelled.
    For anyone with some time to kill, but not wanting a lot of reading to go with the pictures, here's a link to my Gallery Albums ;)
    Simply click on a cover photo to open an Album, and the individual pictures within can be enlarged as noted above. You'll also note several Albums marked as "Private" - these cannot be viewed, but most are pictures of interest only to me, with a couple being projects "in progress" that will eventually be opened to all.

    Edit: If you're on dial-up, you may want to avoid the second link, as there are over 2300 photos available, although, of course, you don't have to open all of them. :-D

  13. DeckRoid

    DeckRoid Member


    As always, your skills are what I aim for every time I go to scenic my layout. And even though I am on broadband, it still took me most the afternoon just gawking, ooo-ing and awww-ing. I am still looking for the right photo technique... maybe another bank of lights. Hmm....

    Is there any wife who doesn't have a list for her husband to do? Especially now that it's spring?

  14. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks, Wayne -- great pics and a great layout ! Rob
  15. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    So, not just on the CGW...

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