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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Bionic Modeler, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. dansls1

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    Thanks for sharing this. The ship is looking great!
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    Did the cyano glue fumes make your eyes water? Makes mine stream.

    Last time I did railings I drew up a template in Illustrator copied it a few times and and stuck the printed sheet to the frame. Thus one can have scale railings to the exact pattern of the prototype. As a man who never mastered engineering drawing sometimes I just love my Macbook!

  3. Well I finished the railings and the benches. That was tedious. Trying to hold them in place while letting the glue set was fun :(. The lifeboats are not my favorite part as they didn't shape up like I wanted the to. Anyone got come lifeboates I can substitute? Anyway here is where it is to date.

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  4. And two more

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  5. FINIS!!!!! :)

    I added all the little stuf like the life rings, flag poles and flages, lights, and walla. her it is. It an't perfect but with my eyesight and less than steady hand it is good enough for me.

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  6. ops I forgot the lifeboat thingy's I will psot them next
  7. dansls1

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    Good looking ship!
  8. OK Now it's finished I installed the Lifeboat 'Davits' (for political correctness). So there I hope you enjoyed it. The directions are lousey so if you attempt to build it and I recommend you do. E-mail me and I will help you on the multitude of missing information. The kit is very nice and I thenk the re-designer. I am starting a new Paddle wheel I found somewhere called the Vapor "Surubi" it was on the Geocities site but for reasons unknown I can no longer access that site. Any ideas why?

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  9. here is the last picture

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  10. Why thank you Dans. Coming from such a pro i take that as a real compliment.
  11. By the way, this is a purist model. Meaning there is nothing but paper in this build. Since the thread (railings )comes from the same sources as paper, I consider that within the rules. Well onword and upword. i will post my next thread. I think it was designed by the same guy as the style is the same. So thanks to you whoever you are. (nothing on the model to say)
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    Looks great, Tim! A nice looking model, most definitely. I'll be curious to see how you do on the Surubi, it's one on my list as well. I really like the look of that one. Good luck!
  13. cj

    Do you know where I got it from? I can't seem to get to the website I downloaded it from. I would like to link it to my next thread.
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  15. cj

    I tried it and it worked. I think geocities has download limits for any 24 hr period. so you have to catch it when it is available. Right now it works

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