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  1. Well here goes my first ship since 1980 when I built the 4' Titanic. I found this on the internet under the following url Rebuilding The Krakus. So I decided to build it. I modified his instructions a bit and I have no idea what scale I ended up with but I re-sized the files to print on 8.5"x14" paper for maximum size for my printer without breaking up the files too much. It is 11" long. But the resolution is pretty good so if you wanted to make it bigger you could easily double it. Here is my effort.

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  2. By the way if anyone want the files I converted let me know I will e-mail them. I don't want to post them even though the re-designer makes no claim to the copywrite
  3. I would do the hull differently if I did it over. I had to adside supports along the top of te hull for the skin to keep it straight. Also Make sure to keep the keel straight when gluing the hull sections together. the skin went fairly easily with a little grief in the stern. Trying to get it to form right was a pain.
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    Interesting looking model, those formers look very sturdy, how thick are they?

    that guy has some interesting tips on his site, gave me a few ideas for some stuff i'm working on at the moment, thanks :D
  5. formers are 2 layers 110" 1 layer 67# 1mm. That was what he called for but if I built it again I would make them thinner. But that would throw off the length quite a bit. So I would have to compensate by making the horiz. formers longer.
  6. more progress

    here ar some more steps it is coming along

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  7. Adding to the main deck

    Here are som more progress shots. it is coming along. I made the railings out of thread stiffened with supe glue. I have to cut them out yet and mount them. Still have a lot of details to go but it is shaping up. The hull is a litttle wabvy though and it got that way from handling . It wasn't that bad when I started. Any suggestions to keep that from happening?

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    Looks great! How hard were the paddle wheels? Look kinda hard to me.....
  9. The paddles weren't that bad really. I just put the twowheels on a pin and glued the paddles on one by one. that was it. Nothing too difficult. It is really not a difficult model at all. I recommen it for a first try. it has a nice amount of detail and a variety of techniques that can be applied to harder models. the designer has some nice tips on modeling for the novice. I'm not a novice but I appreciate when i was and this is a good start. I think his directions leave a lot to be desired as i had to depnd on the pictures mostly. so I am taking good detailed pictures for this thread for any who might want to follow me. if you do let me know, i would be interested in seeing yours. I mostly build planes and Real Space models. This is a nice change. I liked the uniqueness of this model. I haven;'t generatred much interest though so far.
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    This is one of the few ship models I'm interested in building. The MM version seemed a bit rough, and quite honestly, I just don't trust the SuperModel version. Is this revamped version available? I didn't see any download, but I may have gone right by it.
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    I am interested in all things wavey and was thinking about a paddle wheeler!

    So you got me twice!

    Not sure I like the butting former arrangement in the hull. Is there a good reason for it?

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    Thank You!
  14. The link is in my opening dialog "re-building the kracus". he has another model there as well but I haven't started that one yet. I have re-sized the files to print on 8.5x14 paper and everything fits fine. If you want the files let me know i will send them to you. They are in MSWord format as this allowed me to adjust the pasted pictures to the right sizes. He imbedded a scale indicator on each page which made it easier.
  15. The butting is to achieve a butt joint on the skin. I did not like it either so I used the overlap method. I used red paper. If you think about it the building methods of that era did not allow for butt joints in the steel hulls. If this was not a wood ship the plates would have been overlapped anyway. Does anyone know what the original construction was?
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    Nice looking work, Tim!:thumb:

    So how are things in your area these days?

  17. Well now that the ashes have settled down and we can breathe again things are fine. We need to re-build a couple thousand homes around here.
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    Am enjoying following your thread Tim. :wave:

    The Krakus is a fine ship.

  19. Here are a few more progress pictures. I installed the railing using the method shown. I took a piece of foam board (cardboard would work as well) and glued a piece of graph paper on it. The cut out the center as shown. Using pins I spaced the threads as needed. Then I soaked them in super glue to stiffin and hold them together. After cutting them out in rows of three I cut the bottom row off at each post to form a small base (an upside down T) then formed them to shape and glued them to the deck.

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  20. Mor parts added. I installed the two funnels behind the wheel house, the funnel, lifeboats and heater vent.

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