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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by shamus, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Found this on the Atlas forum,

    Lot of reading, but worth.

    Fantastic idea, could be done here with the gauge Box car logo.

    Lets have some idea's on how to set it up.

    I would like any sort of car on my layout for a short while to photograph it and add something to it then send it on.

  2. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Count me in! We would need several cars though. At the Atlas forum they are using a n-scale car (which is fine with me as my layout is n-scale), but we have a lot of other people here who model in the wrong scales :D :p :D :rolleyes: :D (very nice people, just misguided :D ). Not sure how we would handle the multiple car thing. Devil's in the details ya' know.
  3. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Oh Pleeeeeeeese LOL

    Tyson Who are you callin' Misguided?? Not Me!!!! :D :D :D

    N Gauger that Models in G???? ROFL

    Anyway - There's always a "Fudge Factor" Just put The car anywhere on the layout with a little scenery & take a pic!! :)

    Of course - I'll use the shelf layout at work (N Gauge) - I dont have any Digi Pics of it anyway..

    Great idea - I'm ready - Who's First????

    Oh Yeah -- we should include a running list of Names, Handles, Cities & State / Country in it so we have a trail where it's been :)

    When you get it you add your name at the bottom.. :)
    Could this be done in .txt form on a disk????
  4. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Just another idea - We could use a "Specially Designed" Gauge Crate too :) Instead of a car & that would solve any Size Issues :D :D

    Thats it for me - Brains starting to hurt :)
  5. msh

    msh Member

    They had me up until I read someone insisting it had to be an "Atlas" car. From that moment on I realized it could have been more of a publicity stunt than a sharing or bonding experience between modelers.

    Perhaps I'm a sceptic, but these days anyone will do anything for money and that's pretty sad.
  6. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    A thought.

    "Forum follows function!", as I once heard me say.

    Perhaps an email notice of transfer to those railroads registered here (who have a car properly identified as "The Gauge" car) would do the trick. A further thought suggests a Business/Inspection car but I opt for a "working" car as I ain't that proud (and could easily see my way to a "Gauge" 40' box rather than a "Business/Inspection" car- that's for really "special" occasions and the like. After all we're talking work- not show and since IMHO- there's no grand poohbahs around here as far as I'm concerened that I'd need to roll out a red carpet too).

    As far as the "devil in the details"- it's a solved problem. It's pure serendipity in most aspects.

    Those willing to participate would accommodate the following requisites:

    1. Provide a current email address for car forwarding.

    2. Have a standard (40' for most) box car appropriately decorated regardless of preffered gauge or era of operation.

    3. Location will determine transfer with connecting road locations. Participating roads will advise location. I'd expect "regional" designations as means of conveyance, unless otherwise specified connections prevail- determined by participating railroads.

    4. Registered roads will acknowledge, accept and report delivery of load within a week of receipt.

    5. "The Gauge"'s operations have expanded globally and appropriate connections via ocean/air transport must be considered so that when a shipment arrives- it duly transferred overseas.

    6. Upon receipt of "Notice of Delivery" member roads will acknowledge as aforementioned and make accommodations to accept, process and make arrangements to move the car to the next destination as indicated by traffic requirements.

    7. Traffic requirements dictate that said car be forwarded to all participating roads thru the usual manner- that being- routing to all participating roads.

    8. Tracking of shipments, follow up and forwarding will duly noted in a log.

    9. Refusal of shipment, lack of forwarding, errant handling will not be tolerated- this is supposed to be fun and participating roads will be duly disciplined for mis-handling of cargo!!!? After all- rules are rules and they're meant to be broken. Aren't they?

    10. When in doubt as to emergencies- logon to "The Gauge" and post a message.

    Anyway- that's muh simple and quick way to the road.

    'nother words- it's all uP to you, doesn't cost anything, other than an e-mail.


    (Sounds like a lotta work):D
  7. philip

    philip Guest


    Hey Shamus. I'm in ! Can I send a special one to Osama?

    philip :mad:
  8. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    How about the prototype for the Lionel HO exploding box car!:D :D :D :D
  9. Edavillenut

    Edavillenut Member

    im in as long as there is one for Ho scale
  10. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    I got carried away by the thought of a little "Bin Laden Surprise".
    The suggestion of a gauge "box", strikes me as having the greatest merit, as it would not be scale specific, and could go to everyone. It would also not be mistaken for a financial venture, as no brand name would be involved. It could also be filled with LPBs, ready to riot, so no one would be tempted to open it enroute.:D :D :D
  11. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I think this is a great idea. I am even prepared to add a piece of HO, O and G track along with my Ngauge world so could show whatever came along.
    A school in England had a class that read a "Flat Stanely" book. It is about a boy that gets run over by a steamroller and then his parents could put him in an envelope to send him to relatives through the post office. Kids in the class thought this was a good idea. Each got a copy of Flat Stanely and mailed it to folks they knew around the world. The idea was for the recipient to take Flat around and take photos and write in a journal then send on somewhere else. The instructions in the journal was to send Flat and journal back to the student who had sent it in May 2003. It came to us through friends here in Canada so Flat enjoyed a return truck trip from Toronto to Edmonton AL with my son-in-law and daughter , a flight from Sudbury ON to Abbotsford BC with us on a Christmas visit to our son and his family along with visits to local attractions like Science North in Sudbury. I can just imagine how thrilled these kids will be when their Flats come back to them from wherever they have been with a record of his adventures. What a thrill. We could have fun too!!
  12. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    The more I read about the idea the more I like it. What a great way for us to share a common part of the hobby - that being showing off a car in our layouts, dioramas, etc. in what ever stage of completeness that they happen to be at the time the "box" arrives. Count me in.

    Now I have to get the stuff off the layout that I put there because of the flooding in the basement:( :( and get back to work on the scenery.
  13. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    David sorry to hear about the flooding, hope the clean-up is over with. I agree with the others that suggested a box instead of a car so it wouldn't matter what scale you model in.
  14. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    I'm in.....
    I would also be willing to donate my "Gauge" box car for the venture. Its not a 40' but it should do the trick.

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  15. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    I'm up for the idea of passing something around whether it be car or box. I can see how the box would be easier. I imagine it would take some time before all interested participants would be able to receive, photograph, and post pics!
  16. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Great idea, but I'm just wondering about the logistics of getting it around to everybody. There are close to 1000 registered people here. Let's say that 10% are interested and it takes a few days to get it from one person to the next and they take a few more days before they do what they need to and get if off to the next person in line. You're talking two years to get it around the horn, and let's hope that no one is on vacation when the box comes to their door.:rolleyes:

    If we go by the date that a person has registed on this forum, by the time it gets to me, I might have my layout finished by then.:D

    But, count me in anyway, I'm sure someone will come up with a workable plan.:)

  17. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Hey 88fan,

    Here's my plan: When you are ready to send the car, you start the thread. Interested subscribers only are to post to that thread.
    They will be serviced in that order only.

    When you mail the car to the 1st subscriber (with a strong box and lots of packing :D ), then edit your post. When he or she receives it, they will edit their post to reflect this.
    When they resend it, they edit again, thus it can be tracked thru the thread. All mailing addresses are to be transmitted via private or Gauge e-mail.

    If someone else has an N-scale Gauge Car to send, they do the same, maybe post a pic of the car for general approval first? Subscribers post to the thread with the car they want.

    Maybe a short contest to see which car(s) we like, I just suggested 88's because it's real spiffy, the right color (?) and he offered it!

    Our active forum respondents (active = posted within the last year?) only total about 430. FWIW :) :) :)
  18. guppyman

    guppyman Member

    I'm a regular lurker here who doesn't say too much that often....

    I would like to say that my all time favorite thread on here was "The Box". If it could really travel around with a log book and picture evidence.... What an adventure!

    Count me in either way it goes.
  19. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    my 2 cents: it should travel throughout one region before it goesw to the next, reducing shipping times and costs. A boxcar from the US to Europe will cost 15 to 20 for Global Priority, which can not be insured, about $25 for airmail, or $15 forthe slow boat, which is indeed slow and not very exciting. I am going by memory on the prices, but hte first two are close. $$$ :(
  20. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    I'm ready now.
    Just to keep addresses secure from the prying eyes of non-members, interested parties should PM me or e-mail me at:
    eightyeightfan_99 @ yahoo.com.

    I could also do one up in N scale, if anyones got an undecorated box car. I will gladly pay for it.

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