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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by slee2099, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. slee2099

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    Okay wish me luck as Johnny 5 comes to life in paper, this is a preview of my current project. After watching the movies and doing tons of research this is what I've come up with for the layout of head, starting now to draw some of the parts, I estimate the scale at about 1/3 to 1/4.

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  2. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    This is a rather ambitious project. You are off to a GREAT START!!!
    I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
    I will be following this thread.
  3. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    looking forward to watching this one
  4. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    OH, YES!!!!! I've been looking for a good one for AGES! Please make it posable so that I can put it beside my Crichton figure... :)

    There is a Facebook builder group which has released several GBs of pictures and videos of nearly all parts of the real robot. I'll have to look for the link if you need it.
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  5. slee2099

    slee2099 Member

  6. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Well, a 1:2 scale Johnny wouldn't be too bad either..! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. vulcan8630

    vulcan8630 Member

    Good luck!!!!

    Although by the looks of your planning of the design, I truly believe you will not need "luck"!!!

    At least have fun!!!!!
  8. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Make it in 1/12 scale. That's a nice size and you can make everything work. If someone wants to down size it, let them do so, and inherit the problems. :)
  9. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Johnny 5 is one of my favorite robots and I'll be following this thread with anticipation.

    Thanks for sharing! You're off to a great start.

    Best Regards,
  10. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Just a clarification, make it the in the scale you wish, then anyone else can scale it down if they wish and inherit the associated problems. Sorry for any misunderstanding. :)
  11. slee2099

    slee2099 Member

    I actually went back and checked some measurements against some recent info I found and find the scale is a little less then 1/2 scale, it's kinda hard to tell because a lot of measurements aren't available. The one dumb thing I did and don't ask me why is I drew the layout with Illustrator instead of a cad program that I would normally use so now I have to recheck a lot of things when drawing the parts, the other thing that sucks about Illustrator is no auto save so if you don't remember to keep saving a whole lot of work can go down the toilet when it crashes.
  12. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    If I recall correctly SketchUp is able to import vector graphics to directly use them for 3d modeling. Maybe this could help a bit. Nevertheless, the drawings you made look excellent. Use them as backdrops you can trace in the CAD program. Johnny 5 has been on my todo list for quite some time and I was about to download the entire Facebook stuff when I read your thread. Please continue and complete the project; I'd love to see Johnny 5 on my desk so much. Take your time, nobody is pressing you on this. Don't bother with the size, I tend to create the shape in the 3D program at no distinct size and when it comes to texturing and unfolding I resize it. When I made Crichton I modeled him in approximately 1:1 scale so that I would have a life-size pattern just in case one was needed. Then I resized him to 1:6 scale and unfolded him for the final kit. :)
  13. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    J-5 is really looking good. Of course, a highly detailed Alley Sheedy, from that time, would be nice! :)

  14. The_Hawk

    The_Hawk New Member

  15. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

  16. slee2099

    slee2099 Member

    Just to let you guy's know I haven't abandoned this project, still in design mode I'll post some more examples as soon as I can get them together.
  17. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Everything's fine! Just take your time, we are patient! :)
  18. The_Hawk

    The_Hawk New Member

    Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. So we can wait thanks again for the update!!
  19. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Nice quote, I like that. I hiked for 25 miles through the English Moors and ended up at an old pub which had, "The Tiger of wrath is always wiser than the Horse of Instruction" in it's ancient walls. Fun stuff!

    Slee2099, continue your wrath!!:)
  20. slee2099

    slee2099 Member

    Sorry for the delay on the update, couple stays in the hospital kinda held me up but I'm back to semi abnormal. Anyway here's a preview of some of the parts, drawing all the little details in the head like the electronic parts has been pretty tedious and since I saw that some of the same parts will be used in other places I was smart enough to save them to a separate page so I won't have to redraw them again just copy and paste, alright on to the preview.

    Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg Screenshot_5.jpg Screenshot_6.jpg

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