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    I actually did try recovery and got back a few files sadly they were ones I still had that weren't corrupt. And yes Skoda this project is going to be completed, I just look at it this way it gives me an excuse to do some things over that I wasn't to pleased with plus now I'm working with the blueprints from Input Inc that I didn't have at the beginning. I think one thing I might do this time is as I get one section done I'll start building that section just to how things look.
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    thank I so wish it successfully completed;)
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    When I drew these parts before I flattened out some of the rounded edges so I didn't have to make the corners but is there anyone out there who can tell me how to achieve this effect???

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    That shape will not unfold. Not at the rounded corners. You can bring the two rounded edges together, over lapping them, then use the to split off the excess, and you will have a rounded edges, but not in the manner you posted, not with with paper. That's impossible with paper. This will work, See below: J6.jpg
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    I love this robot. Long overdue for any type of a model.
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    This is going to be awesome when it's done! I loved this movie growing up, to the point I nearly lost it when I first saw that it was coming out. What can I say, I was a kid that liked robots...

    "Hey Lazer Lips! Yo Mama was a Snowblower!"

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