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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Taylor, Dec 27, 2005.

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    Taylor,I also think that a modular approach would be better..Perhaps in 2 4x4 foot sections?

    kchronister,Having help move several friends over the years I can assure you that 1)The freezer)refrigerator)box springs and 4) the sofa will be the hardest to move out of or into a house or apartment.
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    Having moved myself many times, let me tell you a heavy framed plywood 4x8 ranks right up there with the items you mentioned. And the items you mentioned are truly unprintable names to move (and your forgot the piano)! You don't want to know how I cried when my 4x8 had to be turned into a 4x6 to move it one time. Some really sound advice is to keep model railroad sections less than 80 inches long so that they can be stood vertically in a doorway.

    yours in moving railroads

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