I claims this planet in the name of Mars!

Discussion in 'Anime, Cartoons, Figurines & Paperdolls' started by BazookaJo, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. zeb

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    me too please please, release this one!!!
  2. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Can't take credit for that - As I said before, I based it on (or more like nicked it :roll: ) from a image of a resin model I found on the net:


    No self respecting Martian would be seen dead with that kitch water blaster - I'm talking about the real deal :-D

  3. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

  4. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Hi Webdude

    Cheers for the link :)

    If I do a pistol version I'll probably build the the pistol from scratch as it will probably have to be integrated with the hand in some way, but the full size version is defininitely one for my own personal collection - he's even got the Martian Maggot which is also a definite build.

    I'll have to link to these items when I put Marvin on the web.



    P.S. Thanks for the early heads up on the model, and the inspiration to get started in the first place:grin:
  5. I actually scaled UP Mike Hungerford's Martian Maggot by about 200% and printed on slightly thicker cardstock (the fins also had an extra laminated layer for added stength). The model still fit together perfectly, and I only needed to slightly sharpen the image so the name wouldn't look fuzzy at the edges. That was one of a series of table centerpieces I made for the 64th annual Worldcon science fiction convention held this summer in Anaheim, California, and they were quite popular with the attendees.

    A diorama featuring this Marvin figure with the Martian Maggot in the background (using forced perspective) would definitely be eye-catching. Great design work, especially on the round head and helmet!
  6. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    maybe, but you figured out how to unfold it and still capture the moment/capture the expression Thats is not easy to do with paper unfolded figurines.
  7. hpept

    hpept Member

    Awesome adorable model!!! My respect and congratulations for translating into paper the essence of the character.
    You said its 16" tall, so approx. 1:1 model. I would love to have a "real" martian on my desk :grin:
  8. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    I'm not sure if 16" would equate to 1:1.

    Once it's finished however I'll be taking a trip to my local copyshop to have it blown up to A3 :twisted: - 1:1? I'm not sure, but BloodyClose:1 for def:-D .


  9. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    My man Marvin...My favourite Martian. He cracked me up everytime he appeared Saturday mornings.

    Please tell us that you are going to share.
  10. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Hi Alcides

    If your one of the guys who assisted me then many thanks.

    When I started I was under the delusion that I could just make a 3D model, push it through Pepakura and stick it together. As such I spent the first 4 weeks trying to build my first 3D model in 3DS.


    I then started on a simplified version by reducing the vertices and then manually tweaking them to get something that looked pretty good on screen.

    I wasn't too worried about the angularity of it as I'd seen some awesome models that were nothing but edges. In this instance however it looked bloody awful:cry: .

    I ran it past the webdude and he suggested that pipes should be used wherever possible.

    I manually converted some of the Pepakura output to pipes and did some of the parts from scratch. In the case of the helmet and face I just did some half spheres - ran them through Pep - printed them out - stuck them together - made mods by cutting and pasting (and sometimes taping) peices of paper to the part - cut the built up part into simpler flat peices, scanned them in - repeated the process till it looked okay:razz:

    My biggest problem was/is lack of experience. I'd only ever made 3 paper models before wanting to have a crack at my own, so I wasn't able to visualise the best way to create certain parts without simple trial and error.

    I guess some things you can only learn by doing.
  11. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Exactly! And it looks like you have learned very well indeed!:grin:
  12. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    Please, oh PLEASE make this model available to the public!!! I could think of nothing better to have on my shelf at work than a nearly life-size Marvin...except maybe the addition of K-9.

    Hey, Bazooka...I might be able to help you out with making an enlarged version of Marvin. I can print directly onto poster board (22x28 ) with my inkjet plotter. Might you be interested in swapping my services for your model? :) See my thread on my 2ft tall AT-AT to see how large I can make the prints (http://www.cardmodels.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2275)
  13. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Hi Bugman

    Don't worry, I will be making it available to the public - I'll also be notifying a few Marvin fan sites to see if I can get some new paper modelling converts via the back door :-D .

    Cheers for the offer, but I think A3 will be enough initially (I'm not sure how heavy a head the model could hold).

    As for the 2ft AT-AT it's a corker!!! You're definitely a man to know - 2 Questions, do you offer a service, and where are you based (I'm guessing not the UK :-( wah)


  14. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    I don't offer a service, per se. It's more along the lines of helping fellow card modellers out. Not everyone has access to an oversized plotter and I make every effort to help out when and where I can. I feel that with the amount of amazing free models that are put out there every day, it's the least I can do.

    I am not in the UK...Central Missouri to be specific. But, if you ever need Marvin, or anything else for that matter, enlarged and printed on poster board or regular paper, then we can surely find a cost-effective way to transport the items to you.
  15. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Cheers bugman :) .
  16. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Far Out!

    I love this model. I want to build one for my office desk! Please let me know if and when you will release it.

    Thank you for showing your work,

  17. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Hi SurfDuke

    I'm just taking a little break from it, but hope to have the kit finished and available before Nov 24th.

    I say Nov 24th as I'm on holiday for 2 weeks prior, so if I don't finish it before then I'll def finish it in my 2 week break (I'll be bored sh!tless after 2 days).


  18. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Thank You!

    I will wait!

    This one will be worth it!

  19. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    kewl beans!

    after reading this i now have that funky voice in my head looking for a "xj91 Space Modulator!!!" arggggh! get it out!!!
  20. !!paulio!!

    !!paulio!! New Member

    i've seen it all before!


    Ill give you your due its gd for your first attempt but,

    there's quite a few bones 2 niggle at, 1, my 5 year old son could do a better job putting it together. 2, look @ all the creases in the paper! 3, why do you respond jo in the first few posts and paul later? lmao,

    Lolser... :twisted:


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