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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by PennRailRoads, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. PennRailRoads

    PennRailRoads Member

    Hello everyone!

    Well I hope this forum is better than the forum I was at and alot friendier. In the other forum they just kicked me off for fun. I hope you all are friendly, cause I dont want trouble.
  2. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Hello PennRailRoads and welcome to the Gauge!:)Everybody that I've met here is friendly and helpful, and IMHO there is not a better one.Really nice here is the attach file feature that lets you post pictures directly to the post. Out of curiosity what was the reason they gave for kicking you off the other forum and do you care to name it?
  3. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hi PennRR's!
    Welcome to The Gauge!
    It's amazing how people can get so bent out of shape about a simple hobby isn't it? I don't think you'll experience too much of that here. I never have, anyway.
    Hey, tell us more about yourself...what do you like? (something tells me the Pennsy :) ) What scale? What era? Do you have a layout? Do you have pictures?
    Enquiring minds want to know! :D
  4. YakkoWarner

    YakkoWarner Member

    GET OUT!

    GO AWAY!


    BEAT IT!


    Or not.:p

    Welcome to the gauge PRR.
  5. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    Is the Penny part of the UPRR now. It seems to me we acquired a couple of those feeder railroads somewhere in the east. Maybe it was the NYC, I can't remember.

    Anyhow, welcome. Watch out for the RIL gang. They'll try to get you to buy into the RIL being the "Road to Ride" :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


    "Always Looking West"
  6. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi PennRailRoads,
    Welcome to the gauge, as I am almost the oldest in here, I'll say this, all the gang in here are a great lot, no back kicking or brow beating, just a friendly lot. "ARN'T YOU".

  7. justind

    justind Member


    I came from other forums where there was a lot of arguing and bickering before 'The-Guage' and can attest that you won't see that here (unless it is from your friends, but they never agree with you anyway...of course, we all know more than our friends know, so what does it matter, right?).
  8. RI541

    RI541 Member

    Welcome to The-Gauge,

    I know how you feel about other forums,I'm on one now that I only signed up for and haven't gone back but my mail box is full of useless stuff I could care less about.
    The feature I like (other than the picture posting ) is that if someone replies to a post that your subscibed to you get an e-mail.

    Just so you know : The Rock Island Was A Mighty Fine Line:D :D

    Sorry Bob:D :) :D

  9. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    All I can say Shane is that if you have always lived out there in clam chowder country I have most likely rideen the RI many more times that you have...... eat your heart out:( ;) :D :p :p :rolleyes: :eek:


    Grew up where I could see the Rockets run from the front porch!!!
  10. RI541

    RI541 Member

    I am like sooooooooooooooo jealous :( :D :(

    But I was furtanate eneogh as a kid growin up to have the Boston & Maine go right behind my dads furniture company.The West Swanzey Depot was about 150' from the shop.but was gone long before I came to be.There was another frieght building on the other side of the tracks next to the Depot, that burned down when I was around four or five but I still remember going over there with my dad and watching it smolder the next day.

    Back in the fifties there was a siding that went right up to my dads shop and they'd load chairs into the box cars.

    The Depot sat where that bald spot is in front of the frieght house. I'll see if I can get some pictures in here.

    the building on the left is my dads and I managed to get a shot of the depot in ther two.The pictures where taken in '52 and'54 respectfully.

    The GP's used to come through and toss us candie if we were there,( I was the chubbiest kid in the family, cant understand why):D :D :D


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  11. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    There have been any number of good articles in both the MR and the RMC over the years about the Boston and Maine and those who model it. They are fun to read and learn about.

  12. RI541

    RI541 Member

    At the end of the track where the box car is sitting used to be a single stall house that they used to keep a small steam engine in.That was back when my dad was a kid.

    The foundation to the caol shed is still there under the ruble of the building. When I was measuring the tracks from the bridge to the road,I found a pipe next to the coal shed that comes up from the ground with a cap and lock on it.Next time I'm over there I'll have to look at the lock to see if its a B&M.

    I even did some flower beds for the wife with some of the left behind rr ties still got the date nails in them.

  13. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    If you've read the replies to your post, you should now have a good idea what this forum is like. Welcome aboard ! You wouldn't happen to include some EBT in your layout would you ?.
  14. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    What the heck is EBT, East Boston Transit :confused:

  15. IMRL393

    IMRL393 Member

    "Is", Shane, "IS a mighty fine line!"

    It will live forever on our layouts!

    Welcome to the maddness (and fun), PRR !

    Note that the Rock Islanders have their own little piece of the Gauge, where they let us play! But you are welcome there, too!

    - George
  16. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Bob Collins the EBT is the East Broad Top, probably one of the most famous "eastern" narrow gauge railroads (3 ft, I think). Personaly I liked the Tweetsie better.
  17. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    Well, I'm going to throw my hat in the ring here and say, "Welcome aboard!" This really is a great place. The folks here have been very helpful as I try to figure this stuff out!

  18. PennRailRoads

    PennRailRoads Member

    Thanks for the replys guys!

    The name of the forum was Trainboard.com or somthing! They kicked me off because they just felt that I wasnt of much use.

    You can post pictures here? Wow I have found the right forum to talk about trains. In Trainboard they would'nt let you post pictures, they were too scared that the owner of the pictures would sue them. Now tell me something, what are they thinking? Sure it's a great idea, just send an attachment of the link and poof your there. But I feel that someone can enjoy pictures if they are shown on the forums directly, and if someone ask you where you got the picture should provide the link. Those on that Trainboard forum dont know whats good from bad. Go figure! :rolleyes:
  19. PennRailRoads

    PennRailRoads Member

    Well I like PRR the most and a little bit of the UP as well (those Big Boys and Challengers are fantastic). And since both are (or were) big time steam logos they both go great together. Like they say bigger is better! :D

    The scale that I'm mostly insterested in is the HO (or Horribly Oversized as they put it on Trainboard.com) . The era that I like is steam, the kind from the 1940s and back. Yes I do have a layout, it measures only 7 ft. by 4 ft and on it, it has 2 HO trains running opposite from one another on an oval, and a N scale train right in the middle of the two, the N scale runs on a figure 8. Sorry I dont have pictures but when I do you will like what you see, I had to completely remodel the board, I use it for Christmas.
  20. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    Thanks Tyson.

    And where would I have gone to see the EBT operate? I think it must be a well kept secret as all of the narrow gauge I see being modeled is D&RGW or something west. A narrow gauge in Vermont or anywhere in New England would off a great opportunity to develop some fantastic scenery. How about modeling it during the fall time the leaves are changing colors:cool:

    The same would be true farther south in the Smokies, like the Tweetsie. We have a modeler here in Rolla who models the Tweetsie in HO. Pretty neat


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