Here's my first N Gauge Layout

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Herc Driver, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. MasonJar

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    Take a look at spitfire's website. I think her modular building is still on the front page. It's HO, but will give you some ideas:

    I think that the window sills look fine. It's the roof that needs work... It is far too clean! ;) :D There's no aggregate (gravel) which may or may not be protoypical. There should be some air handling units, vents, air conditioners, generators, access hatches, water tank(s), etc, etc depending on what the building is used for and/or what era. Maybe a sign/billboard. Birds on the roof?

    If you wanted to change the sills and/or headers for the doors and windows - the sills often collect dirt and dust, which is then washed down the area immediately under the window. Try drybrushing some lighter colours underneath all windows. The headers look like they are the cast concrete tyep, which you have highlighted with a whitish colour. Weather them with a bit of black, instead of the red from the brick.

    Hope those suggestions help.

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    Very nice job.:wave:
  3. Herc Driver

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    Good suggestions and my thanks to everyone...this was my first attempt and more needs to be done. Now I know why so many have a "spare parts" bin to draw from - the kit gives you the basic building and nothing more. I'm going to create some of the roof details to add realism...and get some guys up there to tar that shiney roof! Thanks again for all the great suggestions.

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