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  1. Harley

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    The road I model is mostly the Texas & Pacific and their subsidiary
    companys. I also build a lot of L & N for Hummingbird ( my wife ), she models also and has a great eye for detail.
    Our layout is under construction AGAIN and will best be described as if Arkansas was not there so Tennessee and Texas have a common border. I like logging also and there was plenty going on in east Texas ( served by the T&P ). So if this sounds complicated it is kind of but also a lot of fun.
    We also do G gauge and model the ET&WNC outside, but that is another story.
    Bye now
    David :)
  2. NYCentral

    NYCentral Member

    I posted a bunch on the RR-Lines before it went down. I haven't worked much on it lately, been busy with my Mother's Estate.

    I'll take some more soon, right now I can't even get to it.
  3. YakkoWarner

    YakkoWarner Member

    themz fighten werds!

    Alright! You come over here and say that to my face you...



    I'll think o' sumptin' you are.

    An it'll be bad too...

    I mean it.


    So I take it a board has recently gone defunct? You are all welcome to the gauge. We do enjoy tips and shareing here, and I have found only support and constructive advice.
  4. Yakko, Railroad-Lines was down for a week, but it's back up and running as of about 10 am today. IMHO, the Gauge and RR-L are the two best model rr forums on the net. :p :)

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