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  1. Hello all,I need some information for a project,If you were going to scratch build a GMD 1 because it's just a different looking locomotive and I like odd and older looking locomotives because they are unique in their own way.

    My question is this,what type of trucks would you use for this project.

    Any other information or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

  2. eightyeightfan1

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    My guess, since GMD's were built by a Canadian(Candien?) subsidy of GM, which at one point owned EMD, EMD's six wheel trucks(Like those found on older SD type locos), might pass for those found on the GMD1
    OK...Now that I'm confused.........
  3. Triplex

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    Do you want to do the original A1A trucks, or the retrofitted 4-wheel trucks? The latter are Flexicoil Bs. The earlier - I'm not sure what they are, but not the Flexicoil C found on early SDs. That was a 3-motor truck, and the GMD-1 didn't need the space for the center traction motor (presumably), so the wheelbase is shorter.

    I like them too. They're interesting because they're a GM/EMD example of a configuration used mostly by Alco/MLW: the low-hood road switcher.
  4. EightyEightyfan1 thanks thanks for the reply,you are correct in 6 wheel truck for this project,I don't ever remember seeing a 4 wheel truck on these units but I could be wrong.

    Triplex thanks for the reply ad yes I would really like to go with either the A1A or the flexicoil BB trucks

    Here's a link to,which shows the different type of trucks near the bottom of the page.

    Again thanks for the reply's
  5. 60103

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    Colin: I think there used to be some parts available for the GMD1, but I don't remember the manufacture. These were cast metal sideframes and such. You might find them leftover at one of the older hobyshops in TO.
    I don' remember exactly, but I think the trucks were changed when units were transferred between the east and the west. I think the numbers were changed too.
  6. stuart_canada

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  7. doctorwayne

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    You can get those trucks from Athearn/Horizon - I used them to build my version of the GMD SW1200RS.

  8. David,Stuart,Wayne thanks for the information for this project will keep all of it in mind,have a couple of other ideas brewing that may work out other than 4 wheel trucks.

    I still think they look better with 6 wheel trucks unless it comes down to having to use 4 wheel trucks,maybe with a little luck I'll find what I'm looking for at the next show for parts.

    Thanks again gentlemen
  9. Triplex

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    Depends what time period you want. I think they changed the trucks in the. late 80s. It wasn't about east vs. west that I know of. Rather, they were built for lightly-laid branches. As those branches were closed or upgraded to handle modern rolling stock, there was no need for such a light-footed engine anymore.
  10. Gmd-1

    Triplex thanks for the information,I'm not really worried about any time frame as some others may be.I just like odd and unique looking locomotives because that's what makes them interesting for modelling.
  11. stuart_canada

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  12. Squidbait

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    Point 1 Models makes one, but it's not cheap ($425 CDN) from Kaslo Shops.

  13. Gmd-1

    Squidbait,I keep looking at this picture and looking at it,and I just can't figure out how to tell the boss I want this,to say the least her response would be Nope,Nada,Never,it ain't gonna happen.

    Anyways thanks for the information and it is a beauty that anyone would certainly like to have.

  14. wjstix

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    I would check out the latest "Canadian Railway Modeller" magazine, it has part 3 of a 4 part series on modelling the GMD1. There is a company that makes a resin shell kit that you can use with a modified Athearn (Atlas?) chassis. The articles go step by step on how to do it using that shell.

    BTW GMD1's came in both four axle and six axle versions.
  15. Wjstix thanks for the information on this subject,will check out the Canadian Railway Modeller magazine for all information on this project.

  16. Triplex

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    With the even axle spacing on the A1A trucks... maybe an RSC-2/3 mechanism? Not into HO, but I'll assume those are available.
  17. Triplex,thanks for the note on the Rsc 2/3,I ve been doing some research on different truck configurations to see what will work on this,will keep you guys updated as it comes along.

    Thanks again

  18. Good day everyone,just a little update for anyone interested in the GMD-1,The following is from John Whitmore of Kaslo Shops

    The GMD -1 will hopefully be re released later this year. We have nothing on the site right now because the kits are not available.

  19. Glen Haasdyk

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    Just in case you're intrested in kitbashing, here's three shots of another modeller's attempt using Athearn SW7's as a starting point.



  20. 60103

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    This may be a tad off-topic, but the difference between A1A and C trucks that makes the axle spacing different is that on the C trucks there were 2 motors between one pair of axles and only one motor between the other pair. motors were mounted low and stuck out sideways from the axle. On the A1A truck, they didn't have a motor on the inner axle so spacing could be even; on the C, the motor on the inne axle had to go somewhere.

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