Ghostbuster proton pack and props

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by movieman, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. jtkirklin

    jtkirklin New Member

    I got mine two years ago off ebay for $30.00

    You can find them cheap on ebay or your local military surplus store.
  2. nachtinis

    nachtinis New Member

    For the lighted dome in the Giga Meter, I used a childrens rotating light toy.
    Ive seen a few at the local wal mart.
    Attached is a link to the item.
    What it has is a motor that rotates a led array when the switch is hit.
    The link is an example but ive fount variations on these all over the place, also they seem to pop up at all the carnivals and theme parks ive been to lately.
  3. heroking

    heroking New Member

    not sure if this has been answered, but are the proton packs and equipment based on the animated series or the movie?
  4. fury101

    fury101 New Member

    Wow, thats some nice work :) Im particularly interested in the Cyberman Armour.

    Just a thought but i do lots of work using depron (model aircraft normally) which ranges from 1mm - 6mm in thickness.

    I have used paper model plans in the past to create depron models but i never thought about covering them to make them stronger and smoother.

    How easy is fibreglass tissue to work with? I have never attempted fibreglassing before but i am sorely tempted to try a depron/fibreglass version of the Cyber armour. (I already have visions of turning up at my local nightclub in it LOL)

    Cheers and keep up the good work.
  5. Jixton

    Jixton New Member

    Wish I'd discovered this before I built my Proton pack out of WOOD!!!! The thing weighs a tonn ( Feels like it, anyway )

    I might give this a try actually, just to see how it compares with the one I've built already.

    @Heroking.. This pack is based off the movie, as the animated series only has 3 red lights on the Cyclotron.

    Just one question. In the image shown of the partly built/painted pack, the N-Filter on the Cyclotron was on the packs left side, and not on the right side, as is in the movie.... Is that how these paper plans has it positioned, or was this personal choice?

    I guess what I'm asking is: 'Does the builder get to choose where the N-filter goes?'

    And finally....Just out of curiosity... was there any reason to model the PKE meter from the Animated series, yet the pack/thrower and trap on the movies? Or was this again, just personal choice?

    Not a criticism, just curious.

    The models, BTW are awesome looking!!! :)
  6. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    Any chance of getting the password for the pack? It is set larger then the normal paper 8.5 by 11 is what I have a ton of card stock for hard to find the other stuff in Arizona
  7. movieman

    movieman Member

    Ya... try this password "battlecat"
  8. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    Thanks movie btw great job on this model
  9. asmick

    asmick New Member

    Nice work
  10. Jixton

    Jixton New Member

    I can't wait for the PKE.

    Will you be doing a movie version of the PKE too?
  11. Celldecay

    Celldecay New Member

    These are very nice. Been wanting to build one of my for a long time. Nice job!
  12. Bubba Ho-Tep

    Bubba Ho-Tep Paper Fanatic

    I can't wait until I can actually get some of these models to attempt.
  13. smelter273

    smelter273 New Member

    I love Ghostbusters. Hope to build one soon.
  14. Shuenli

    Shuenli New Member

    Nice one ! Good for ghost hunt !
  15. wolfie

    wolfie New Member

    Decent model of the Proton Pack MovieMan - are you going to model the Cyclotron shock mount arm ? My downloads were uncolored - no big deal if you paint it - but I needed some high quality labels to detail the Pack - and couldn't find any otw - so I'm creating some semi-high resolution ones and wondered if anyone else wanted them.

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  16. Namrepus221

    Namrepus221 New Member

    dang these are cool. I hope I get good enough ot try and build this thing at full scale.

    I wonder how difficult it would be to put LED's in this thing
  17. BigBadBull

    BigBadBull New Member

    nice, all I need now is some ghosts:mrgreen:
  18. wolfie

    wolfie New Member

    New Arm-mounted Proton Pack

    I'm still creating all the rest of the labels - let me know if I should put the high quality full-size labels in the download area for anyone else

    meanwhile I ran across this sketch of the arm-mounted Proton Pack created for the New Ghostbusters Movie.

    Now this is a great idea for you 3D gurus to unfold a quality model of this sweet device.

    Pretty-please !

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  19. ashal2

    ashal2 New Member

    wow just wow I'm impressed cant wait to see more of the cyberman looking forward to making a proton pack
  20. undertaker6x3

    undertaker6x3 New Member

    This is a very well done pack.

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