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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by NSES44DC, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Jeff, yes, Conneaut, Ohio is just north of your campgrounds on Rt. 7 . They have a real nice museum there, you may have seen some pictures of it posted elsewhere here. I think the RR tracks west of you that run North & South, go to Conway. Now N&S, used to be Conrails. Also one set in Pa. is probaly the old Bessimer RR, now CN. That will lead up to Conneaut, Ohio also.
    Thanks, John
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    On the west bound line outta cleveland between e.260th and e.222nd streets I observed an consist of UP C44-9ws and a SP (UP Patch Job) C44-9W on sunday. Was wondering if any of you cleveland guys seen this also. It was on the CSX Mainline.
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    Sounds like you were on the east end of the Collinwood Yard by the fueling station. I live about 5 miles east of that. We see many UP and BNSF and SF war bonnets since CSX has taken over the lines. It's great to see the different colors.
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    BTW - did you know that the Collinwood yards had an open house of the repair station this past Sunday? I still have to upload the pics.
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    Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town. I live appx. 10 minutes from Parma High. My son just graduated from Valley Forge High, which is almost in my back yard. The Chevy plant is still here, although they have been cut back like the rest of GM. As far as the layout, I just have a fun Lionel layout, I do not model any particular carrier, and most of my stuff is from the MPC era (1969-late 70's) but I do have some older Lionel I also run.
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    yes. Collinwood is like 3 miles to the west of the fueling racks. My uncle lives in one of the last decent areas so i usually go up to check out the station b4 heading back to amherst. Seen two trains today while on lunch break from my jury duty. Ugh. finally over this week. But hey, one of my jurors(im 22 and forman of the entire jury) is an HO model train fan. I caught him looking at MRR both a new and an old one (from janurary of 1990) that He picked up at a garage sale. its nice to have someone to talk to at the court house.
  7. I know where I live.

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