Feb 15 Weekly Photo Fun

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by jeffrey-wimberl, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. green_elite_cab

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    I decided to photgraph something alittle different. It seems that modern commuter equipment is rarely modeled, the least of which SPAX, better known to the public as SEPTA, which is the commuter rail agency of the philadelphia area.



    Looks like these guys missed the train. #2305 pushes its train out of the station.

  2. VanBee

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    Once again great shots by everyone this week! Thanks for posting them.

    Here is my contribution for this week. They are progression shots of a scratch built warehouse I've been working on for the last week. I just finished weathering it today.



  3. jbaakko

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  4. green_elite_cab

    green_elite_cab Keep It Moving!

  5. Floyd

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    Ralph....Could you post a couple of pictures of your track lighting? I am trying to come up with something better my trainroom lighting.
  6. nachoman

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    Jeffrey - that last pic you posted is the best one you have posted yet. Well done!

  7. EngineerKyle

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    Here's a couple more. I just finished this PK2 RI scow.


  8. cnw1995

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    Here are my contributions:Some photos of my weekend work - whilst the bride was away, I worked happily all day on the layout. I apologize for the photo quality. First, the O'Hare bridges.


    The newly expanded Fortner Yard, Baker Field (aerodrome) new third main line, and reconstituted town in the back. I rearranged the track around the buildings, and added some more. I think I'm going to add a few flats too

    I added lanterns showing branch line goods to Thomas and the brake van.

    This didn't come out so well. Percy has a lantern too. Annie and Clarabel both have lights on their driver station sides.[​IMG]
  9. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Thank you. Here's a quick one I clicked off this morning.

  10. cnw1995

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    Here's one where you can see the new 'jeweled' lanterns on the back-up light on the MPC-era tender, on S.C. Ruffy, on Annie, James and Percy.[​IMG]
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    I attempting to do some ballasting and it wasnt working out, I have always wanted to make loads for my difco dump cars, then I got this idea, now all I need to do is make up a load shell, possibly styrofoam, and I can cover it with ballast to make the load.

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  12. jbaakko

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    Sure is. I bought a bunch 3+ years ago, and have since "traded in" all of mine for Athearn units. The RPP has an incorrect cab.

    I'm on my last two RPP now, the one shown there, that was a custom paint job for a member of another forum, and one more that I put a 4 window cab in, I'm painting it and selling it on eBay.

    Kevinkrey, how many of those Difco cars do you have? I just got 2 and haven't gotten them out of the box yet.
  13. Kevinkrey

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    Just the two in two in the photo. I like them alot, except for the fact that the actual DMIR cars only have 4 ribs on the sides and these have 5 affecting the placement of the logo.​
  14. jbaakko

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    34 Custom Rail Autoracks
    12 Genesis Auto-Max cars
    1 Atlas Thrall
    plus some other various stuff mixed in.
  15. chessie4155

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    Great pics Everyone:thumb:
    Tailend of an Eastbound crossing the bridge at Quicks Cut;
  16. jeffrey-wimberl

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    Would you walk in there without a pair of high boots?
  17. IandOFan71

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    Awesome pictures everyone!!!

    Jeffrey, I absolutely love you night time pics. Your layout is looking good.:thumb: Oh, and no I would not walk in there without boots!
  18. IandOFan71

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    Feb 22 Weekly Photo Fun

    Greetings everyone,
    Just thought I'd add a pic and a short story for all to enjoy. Here is a pic of a church and cemetary in progress as an SD35 creeps through Blum Cut with a string of empty hoppers. Here is the backstory behind the naming of Blum Cut.
    The story is that long ago the cemetary used to be right beside the church. When the railroad was being built to the growing coal mines the only route available in the narrow valley was right through the cemetary. All families agreed to have plots moved father over to make way for the railroad except one. The Blum (pronounced blume) family refused to move their plots and as a result entered a long legal battle with the railroad. The Blum's being of great wealth fought tooth and nail but to no avail as the railroad offered a settlement of an undisclosed sum which was accepted and the plots were moved. The grading crews were literally at the edge of the cemetary when the settlement was reached and they quickly moved the plots and cut through. The cut quickly became known as Blum Cut by the railraod workers and it's been said that at night the ghosts of the plots that were moved have been known to appear in the middle of the tracks.

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  19. Christopher62

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    Creepy! Did you make all that up? That might be a good idea for a theme - Halloween time, fall, pumpkins... might be pretty cool to model.
  20. jeffrey-wimberl

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    Did it occur to anybody that Photo Fun starts on Friday?

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