Ebay & A*&&holes !!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Dave Harris, Oct 16, 2008.

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    There are a few people on this forum who could do great things with that kit. But not me. I already stated that if I pick up any more projects, I will never get the ones that i have done!sign1sign1

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    Only problem is you can usually get more for less effort on eBay... Key work, Usually.

    sign1 I wish! No need for it though...
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    I dunno....can I trust you? :twisted:

    :p :p :p sign1 sign1 sign1
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    Thanks for the post, I just revised one of my listings to protect my self after reading your little saga.

    Hey I refurbish and sell laptop's on eBay, the worst experience I had was I sold a nice high end Dell for $467.00 plus $20.00 shipping, and $2.60 shipping insurance which is optional to a man of Russian decent, the Laptop was in like new condition, the guy opted out of the shipping insurance, so well low and behold the shipping container got pierced, and busted the laptop, he returned it, and threatened me bodily as he put it, being Russian, and belonging to the Russian Mob, I would regret my decision if I didn't refund fully including shipping charges, he even got the names of my Wife and Son, well I forwarded his E-Mail to PayPal, E-Bay, and the Police department, and that was the end of that, but there was a bit of anxious moments. Paypal dropped his complaint like a brick that time, but it doesn't always work out that way. Once I sold a pocket laptop, and the girl that bought it wanted a full refund, and wanted to keep the laptop, that one went on for 3 weeks, and I finally gave her refund minus shipping when I received it back, so yes E-Bay has really ruined it for sellers, and there is a group trying to form a new form of auction, but I understand it takes millions to get started, I offered to donate if they could work up a pool of folks willing to help them get started, it will be interesting to see if it works.

    Duane wall1
  6. nkp174

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    I think it was a slightly deceptive marketing ploy by MDC. I'm sure that the guy read the "Galloping Goose" in the title, briefly looked at what appeared to be a Pierce-arrow Goose form the picture and jumped at it.

    I would give him a little bit of credit in that the description, especially the product type, implies a "Galloping Goose", but it was definitely his own negligence that was the mistake. Once he received the kit, he looked a little closer at the picture and realized that he hadn't paid enough attention to what he was buying.

    He should be stuck with the kit. While the description could have used a disclaimer line, your pictures made it abundantly clear that it was not a RGS goose. I definitely agree that you have a right to be mad at him and ebay didn't quite settle this correctly.

    my $0.02.
  7. Jim Krause

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    With reference to the term "Galloping Goose" as used on this thread, I believe most folks are thinking Rio Grande Southern RR railcars. The term is in fact a generic term used for various gas/diesel railcars and even small steam mixed trains which were used on shortlines and branchlines throughout the US in the early 20th century. I can see where the buyer might have been of the RGS mindset. This mindset doesn't excuse the attitude that he displayed due to his ignorance. If he was trying to pass himself off as an expert, he missed the boat (or train).
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    Same here.

    I prefer to see the item before buying it and prefer person to person contact.

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