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  1. Can anyone tell me how the 9a and 11a parts fit on 9 and 11 - the wedges on the ends of the fuel tanks? I presume they go over the red areas on the tank ends but the parts would make an open fairing shape thingy - er can't quite descibe it - if it is one piece per tank end but the photos suggest a prism shape. I'm still doing the spine nuts but have done a few tanks for variety and am more confused than usual by these parts.
  2. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    As far as I can tell, you're supposed to cut out the red areas on the ends of the supply pods/tanks (the thin red strips on the sides and the thicker bit across), then fold the remaining flap out abit. The 9a and 11a parts, that look like open fairings fill in the cut out red bits to make the sides and end stick out walls to make the protruding prism shape. I'm also guessing that the flaps for these fairing parts are valley folds, and they are glued to the back side of the pods ends (interior). Hope this helps.

    Mine's printed and started, but because of the curse of North American paper sizes, I had top print it at 89%. Before I go any further, I've decided to double the size and build a really BIG one (200%). Any one else decided to go big on this baby!? I'm in the process of reprinting it now, and sorting out how I'll have to piece together all the parts.
  3. Oh d**n!

    Thanks Hot4Darmat. That makes sense but I've done a few of tanks darnit.
    Oh well print them out again - the joy of papercraft. If successful I'll post a pic. The spine nuts aren't a lot of fun either. I'm going to try a few without the triangle flaps on and go for edge gluing.

    If you can accomodate the 200% version it will be a most worthy model - the nuts would be easier.
  4. jagolden

    jagolden Guest

    I am planning at least 1:96, possibly larger. It depends on how big I can go up on 11x17 or 13x19 paper.

    Good luck with your big one! Dying to see it. Please start a new build thread!
  5. Appropo an earlier discussion Sir Uhu02 has added a 1:4:9 monolith model to his pages. At the minute I stand a better chance at finishing that than the Discovery!
  6. slee2099

    slee2099 Member

    Looks like a great model but I guess I missed out I see the picture on his site but there's no link to the model, sad now!!!!!

    Please ignore above message I did find it apperently I was using an old link God bless Google. :thumb:
  7. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    I looked for the monolith and could not find it... :confused:
  8. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

  9. There is a tiny picture of it just below the "my work" box on his front page. Click on that to access.

    He is also storming along the GEN II model. Stirling stuff. Saw a 12L Bentley
    on the road the other day - a thing of great beauty like many subjects of that era.
  10. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Found it... thanks plastic bonsai :wave:
  11. Red

    Red Member

    Finished the 2001 / 2010 Space Pod by UHU02 :mrgreen:
    Thank you UHU02

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  12. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Well Done Red...Nice Piece of Work

    John John
  13. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    Hi Red
    Congratulations on the completion.
    Thank you for your great work.

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  14. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Excellent build Red. Beautiful.
  15. OhioMike

    OhioMike Member

    Hot4darmat, cant get your link, iwarpapermodels to work?
  16. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Beautiful work Red
  17. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Hmmm. Funny. I'll look into it.
  18. frontiernx01

    frontiernx01 New Member

    Darn it I missed the 2001 pod download! Will it ever be back? Please??? I have downloaded the Discovery already. And I'm quite new at paper models. I've been a plastic modeler for a very long time, and have found that paper models are quite relaxing. If you mess up, you reprint it!
  19. Red

    Red Member

    UHU2 is the Designer of the Space Pod Paper model You may have to ask him if he could open his file again.
  20. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    it is still there. look for the link in the upper right corner of his site. it is in the secret downloads section.
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