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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by YmeBP, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Here are the pictures from this year's (2006) NRMA Train Show.

    Should i post a link in a diff forum? Therer are tons of scenery and layout ideas and i tried to take pix at the max resolution so i could zoom in later and figure out how to reporduce some of this stuff.

    Oh and they are in teh process of going up there are 66 picutres total so if you get to the site and only see a couple pix they haven't finished uploading yet :).
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    I am just getting started in model railroading. Kind of like a mid-life crisis maybe. (It is much cheaper than a new sports car- I hope). Anyway, I am trying to identify a starting point for reading up on the basics. (Suggestions are welcome). I had HO trains as a boy, but I know nothing about all the changes in the hobby except for what I have picked up surfing the internet for a few days. That is how I found this forum.

    I have been talking about model trains for a while but had not taken the plunge. For Christmas, my wife bought me what appears to be a nice train set- the Frontiersman by Spectrum/Bachmann. The engine is DCC equipped (I don't yet fully understand what all that means. The package says that that additional equipment has to be purchased). It comes with a standard powerpack.

    In this thread TOM stated:

    "I recommend getting some Atlas engines. They run a lot nicer than the standard Bachmanns and some DCC-equipped Atlas locos can be had for a good price."

    Am I starting off on the wrong foot with the Bachmann? This set came from a local hobby shop and cost about $200. I have not opened it so I think I could return it. I do like the older vintage engine as a starting point.

    I welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    If I was you, I would copy and paste, or retype that whole post into it's own thread, you will get alot more response that way. Just title it 'newbie with questions' or something like that, the folks here are very helpful. Do it in the HO section, or General talk maybe...
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    I used to love the Bachman DCC on board locos, now I hate them. They are impossible to program. Hope the Atlas ones are not the same way. For modern stuff, you can't beat Athearn RTR, as it is DCC ready, with a 9-pin JST socket, for a 5 minute DCC install.

    The Springfield show on Jan 27 and 28 2007 is the biggest show in the northeast, at least 10 times bigger and better than the national show. There are hundreds of dealers, and 35 operating layouts!
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    I will do that. Thanks for your suggestion.
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    I'll have to google it.. springfield what state?

    I found it:

    Making plans w/ the wife now :) thanks for the heads up!!! Can we do a "Gauge meetup" at lunch if anyone else is going?

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