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    GP50 is the model designation of the real-life engine. Designations are a confusing system, different for each builder and usually inconsistent. In this case, GP is Electro-Motive's term for a 4-axle hood unit. 50 means it has a 16-cylinder 645F prime mover with 3500 horsepower. BAC-60441 is the model manufacturer's product ID number.
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    I recommend getting some Atlas engines. They run a lot nicer than the standard Bachmanns and some DCC-equipped Atlas locos can be had for a good price.

    Back in January, I picked up an Atlas Silver-Series B40-8 in Susquehanna paint, with DCC on-board, for $85 at Trainland. Best engine purchase I've ever made. :thumb: Photo of my B40-8 here: http://www.the-gauge.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=30909&stc=1&d=1160888675

    The B40-8 is available in a number of different road names and paint schemes.
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    I had a similar experience to what Tom, I got my first loco for $50.00 and it was an Atlas Silver Series on e-bay. It is a BNSF Dash 8-40B. I also just scored another 2 other powered locos, both Athearn CNW C44-9W's. One was $24.88 and the other was $30.00.

    I would try and stay away from Bachman engines as Tom said too.
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    can you suggest some model names? i have no clue what i'm searching for. I bought a couple of new athearn loco's that i plan to solder in my decoders they were the blue box specials.
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    Atlas offers a large range of diesel locomotives in HO scale. Check out their website and see the full range of their offerings: http://www.atlasrr.com

    Personally, I like their 4-axle diesel engines. Very reliable, great runners, great detail, some have DCC on-board, and will work on sharp curves like 18" radius track.

    Which engine you should go for depends on 1) what era you model, 2) if you like how they look, and 3) how much you want to spend. Generally, a typical Atlas engine with DCC on-board costs around $80. And if you want DCC + sound, usuall around $130.

    The General Electric B40-8 diesel locomotive that Josh and I purchased costs about $85 new. He got his in Bunsuf paint while mine is painted for NYSW. They are available in a number of other road names like SP, ATSF, Conrail, Providence & Worcester, CSX, etc.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sweet thanks for the advice. I'll go dig around on their website.

    You mention something that i've seen mentioned in other threads, and that is tight turns. Almost all of my snap track is 18" radius. Is there a limit to the size of train i can run on this track?
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    18" radius is indeed a pretty sharp curve. Long locomotives with a lot of wheels might have trouble going around sharp curves like that, and may experience problems like derailing or yanking the cars behind it off the tracks due to the coupler swinging far outside the curve due to the pilot overhang.

    If you are going to use 18" curves, I recommend sticking with 4-axle diesels. The vast majority of my locomotive fleet are 4-axle locomotives because of that.

    Hope this helps!
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    Sure does, i have 4 axle trains now and i'm getting derailments. I'm going to go over my track w/ a small file to file down the uneevn parts on the rails but other than that i don't see any reason for the trains to derail. I have some flat cars that i think may be too light.

    I took a look at some atlas loco's w/ dcc and they are about 120 to 220. I think i may have to get a 4th job becuase these trains are beautiful :). I like they way they look.

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    4-axle locomotives should have no problems handling 18"-radius curves... Check the trucks on yoru locos and make sure they are swiveling freely. If that's not the problem, then there is something wrong with your track.

    I would advise against filing the track-- It would probably cause more problems than it solves with the surface scuffing and changing the profile of the railhead.

    Atlas DCC-equipped (no sound) engines usually cost under $100... I buy Atlas lcos at either Trainland or MB Klein.. They seem to have the best retail prices for Atlas locos. The ones around $120-130 are usually the DCC + Sound ones.

    Hope this helps.
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    I picked up a NIB Atlas GP38 with DCC at a train show this month for $50. Looks great and runs as good as it looks.

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    There is a huuuuge train show at the philadelphia convention center coming this summer, by then i should have a couple bux saved up. Now that i kinda have an idea of what to look for ;) it should be fun shopping!!

    Thanks again for the advice i hate learning the hard way that whatever i bought sucks hjahahah
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    I'd say you are off to a good start.. The Athearn blue box locos, while not DCC-ready, are great for starters because they are reliable runners, and are easy to upgrade to DCC. Buying those on your part is a great opening move.

    If you are going to spend good money buying locos with DCC already on-board, you might as well go for the most-reliable good runners, and that's Atlas.

    Now if you will get your track back into shape, you're in business. :D
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    Oh yeah??? Which show... and when??? :D
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    There are tons of places but this one describes it best. I'm going to repost my photos of the show on my site tonight. I brough my sons, a nephew and my oldest son's best friend and i think i had the most fun out of everyone ;).

    NMRA National Train Show

    The National Model Railroad Association held their National Train Show/Convention at the Pennsylvania Convention center (on the site of the old Reading Terminal) in Philadelphia this year. The show was open to the public from 7/7 to 7/9 and featured several large modular layouts as well as all the major S, HO, N and Z scale manufacturers and a few model RR train vendors.
    I attended the show Saturday and was amazed by the size and quality of the modular layouts and less impressed with the number of vendors actually selling products. I ended up snapping a ton of photographs with my new Nikon D50 setup.

    Continue reading "NMRA National Train Show" »
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    Thanks :) it's really all due to the advice and direction i've gotten from the folks in the forums :).

    I don't know what to do w/ the track. It's mainly the power loc track that is giving me fits. It doesn't always line up properly and i can hear the loud "click" when it passes over a crappy connect. I'd prefer to ruin the track profile than the engine's weels. It's my youngest son's loop and he likes to crank it up so the smoother it runs the better.
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    There are smaller shows in Reading PA The Great Train Show and the East Coast Hobby Show...
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    they aren't coming back to philly htis year?!

    Well there goes a shttered dream ... sheesh. I wonder if we can pile into the van and drive ?

    Do you have links to the other shows?
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