Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] - Part VII

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. CSXect

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    Good morning

    Slightly warmer and dry here:mrgreen:

    Will be updating my blog some time this week I hope.

    Chief you have to watch out for yellow journalism, There is almost no one who reports the news with out putting their own biased spin to it.wall1

    Not much new here at the moment.
  2. cedarcreekrr

    cedarcreekrr Member

    The day started out nice, but when I got out of school it is starting to snow a little. Hoping for a light dusting so school will not have a delay.
  3. cedarcreekrr

    cedarcreekrr Member

    The day started out nice, but when I got out of school it is starting to snow a little. Hoping for a light dusting so school will not have a delay. It was a good day, I finally got sewer and water to my garage. I have been waiting six months for them. to come, but commercial jobs come first. Sorry about the double it has been awhile since I have posted.
  4. sir james

    sir james Member

    GOOD EVENING ALL, just checkin in. A nice for Dec. 43 today so we went out shopping this morning. from tomorrow morning into next week 30 would look good. No rain yet but suppose to become lite snow by morning. I couldn't last any longer, ran a few trains today, at least for awhile. I got ahold of a 736 that looks like it has not sit on rails in fifty years so I gave it some exercise. I hope everyone has a great tomorrow...S.J.
  5. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    I went to Wal-Mart this morning to the grocery shopping for the perishable good. 1 box of chicken, 8 Totino's pizzas, 5 $1 Mexican dinners, 7 of those little $1 Banquet dinners, 2 packs of sliced ham for sandwiches, 1 box of fish sticks, 2 packs of chimichangas, 2 jars of sliced olives (love my sliced olives), 1 loaf of jalapeno and cheese bread and 2 packs of cheese. Picked up a cheap pair of bifocal reading glasses while I was there. The bottom parts for reading and the top parts just regular glass. After I got home my father gave me a check for $74 to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning at 9:30 for an eye exam. Surprised me! Usually he's so tight with money he squeaks when he walks. My niece says she know of a place online where I can get my glasses cheap. I just need a current prescription. Worked on the car a bit today. I took the EGR valve off and removed the valves base from the engine. There was a lot of carbon fouling and one of the three holes in the base was completely plugged. I knocked it out and scraped it clean with a screw driver blade then did the same with the mounting port on the engine, being very careful not to scratch it. I reassembled it then spent the next hour inspecting vacuum lines. Not my idea of fun. I found one that had a break in it and taped it up real tight with electrical tape. I thought maybe that was it but it wasn't. It runs somewhat better but is still choppy when I step on it. When I let off it takes off like a bat out of hades. I also took a serious look at the plug wires. Seems like it's been running a bit worse since those new wires were put on a week ago. They're radio-suppression wires. I've never used those type before. On a hunch I took them off and reinstalled the old wires. They're high temp, high performance. Much better! I'm still leaning toward the catalytic converter being part of the problem. I've already drilled one hole the as big a round as my thumb (and I have a BIG thumb) ahead of the converter. Maybe I need to drill another one and see if that improves things any. I may have time for that this weekend.
  6. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    Here are some pics



    You may notice they are close enough to my vise to work with it also

    Also I no longer even open the hood of my car or truck. My mechanic is less than a Mile down the road and he makes house calls if needed. I also have AAA if need a tow.
  7. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Les - very neat solution!

    Jeffrey - I had to have a catalytic converter replaced once and it cost about $350 I think. That was about 8 years ago, so it's probably more now.
  8. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Good morning.

    It's 47 and cloudy. High today should be around 50 and it'll be partly cloudy.

    We had a long, hard, heavy rain last night with quite a bit of wind. Fortunately there was little damage and no power outages. In just a bit over two hours I'll be going into town to have an eye exam done, the first step to getting my new glasses. I know from past experience that my eyes will be very sensitive for the next few days. Now get this. On the 10th I have to go to Alexandria to get my eyes checked for diabetes damage. That's gonna be another few days spent in darkness. Oh joy! I'm really looking forward to that. NOT!

    Today's Weather for:
    Sundown, LA 71446-6114 12/4/2008

    Wind Chill: 43°F
    Humidity: 95%
    Dew Point: 45°F

    So Far Today
    High: 55°F
    Low: 47°F
    Rain: 0.12"
    Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
    Gust: 26mph NNE

    Today High: 50 Partly cloudy. Much cooler. Highs around 50. North winds 10 to 15 mph.

    Tonight Low: 35 Partly cloudy. Colder. Lows in the mid 30s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Wind chill readings as low as 23.

  9. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Morning all. Jeffrey, I figured it was stopped up with carbon. You might try a can or two of Seafoam in the gas. Only problem with that is it might break up carbon from engine and plug those holes back up. Lester, I like those clips. Where did you find them? I always need an extra hand. Also will hold things still until they dry. Got this cold to fight. Warmer today. Later.
  10. CSXect

    CSXect Member

    Good evening crew in the caboose

    Went to lowes and got some green paint today and discovered all Christmas decerations 50% off picked up 4 sets village lighted lamp posts and a G scale B.O.(battery operated) train set half off:thumb: Had just been to the thrift store picked up another train set also B.O. G scale and a set of C clamps $10.00:thumb:
  11. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    Good afternoon,

    Cool and rainy day here. Went to fitness center and then for a haircut. That was about my day so far. Just sent out one of those sad notices to our high school class that one of the few remaining parents passed away, she was 93. Keep in mind that my classmates are 69 & 70. We still keep in touch by email and locally we meet once a month.

    I got my thank you gift for being a volunteer at the TCA library on Wednesday. Will post a picture when I get a chance. Yes it is train related. :thumb:
  12. sir james

    sir james Member

    GOOD EVENING ALL, I talked the wife into just putting up a six foot tree and she got even without knowing it by asking me to put her Lionel large scale christmas train under it. The early DC one from the 80s. Anyway it was of course way under the train table and took longer to get out than to set up. I also spent about an hour just watching my trains run. So have a nice evening and a great Friday...S.J.
  13. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Reclinerized too late. Wife on couch and me in recliner. Returned from senior ladies class [wife teaches, we're not that old] Christmas meal. I picked the local paper [not the big stae wide one] and she was watching Chirstmas show on TV. I just woke her up and we are off to bed. Suppose to be turning coler. Was real warm today. Both of us are still coughing and coughing. Sucked up lots of leaves under pecan trees. Now have to get out and pick them up. Later
  14. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Good morning.

    It's 34 and clear. High today should be around 50 and it will be partly cloudy.

    The eye exam yesterday went well. Now that I have my prescription I'll be shopping around for the cheapest prices on new glasses made to my specifications. Didn't get anything done on the layout yesterday, mainly because I couldn't see much. When I went to bed last night my eyes were still dilated. They look pretty much normal now though. So far this coming Wednesday (10th) is looking like mostly cloudy with rain.

    Today's Weather for:
    Sundown, LA 71446-6114 12/5/2008

    Wind Chill: 25°F
    Humidity: 61%
    Dew Point: 22°F

    So Far Today
    High: 36°F
    Low: 34°F
    Rain: 0.00"
    Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
    Gust: 20mph NE

    Today Low: 25 High: 48 Increasing high cloudiness. Highs in the upper 40s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Wind chill readings as low as 25 in the morning.

    Tonight Low: 29 Clearing. Lows 27 to 31. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

  15. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Good morning folks

    It was 32 F as I headed off to the old salt mines this morning. Our high will 39 F. This looks like the warmest day until the middle of next week. They are saying that we have a 50% chance of snow tomorrow night. We’ll have to wait and see if that sets off a bread and milk panic.

    I didn’t make in yesterday. I spent the day out in the field looking at some issues on a couple of projects. The projects were in upper Bucks County which means a one way trip of 45 miles. On the way home I stopped at hobby shop and picked up a pack of Kadee couplers. Now maybe I can finally start working on some kits again.

    No trains last night. I finished putting away all the Thanksgiving decoration bins. They were in blocking access to the layout and the workbench. Now I have one fewer excuse for working on trains.

    Tonight my son has guitar lesson. I am not sure what is happening this weekend. The wife has to work Saturday morning. We are planning on getting our tree sometime this weekend.

    I still am getting some coughing spells but they are getting less and less. At times I feel really tired. Again it seems to be happening less and less so I am hoping that I am finally getting over this virus.

    I hope everybody has a good day.
  16. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Morning. Had rough night and did not sleep well due to cold. Now I am sleepy. :cry: Got to go. Turned cold here from a warm day yesterday. Later.
  17. dbaker48

    dbaker48 Member

    Sure hope you didn't spend too much time at the barbershop, I think they should offer discounts for the haircuts with the hole in the center, seems a rip-off, for you guys. With all the subsidys in place today, doesn't seem right that you have to subsidize others. Just my opinon
  18. CSXect

    CSXect Member

    Hi everyone got up early about 6:00 got cold so got under covers to warm thing I knew it lunch time:eek:sign1 painted bench work green needs a second coat and then the offending post in the middle of the right a-way will be painted orange with Blue Lionel and circle L logo:mrgreen:

    Pics some time tomorrow:wave:
  19. sir james

    sir james Member

    Good evening, cold 18 right now but no snow. I'm not sure where today went but it just slipped away. My wife and I had a late afternoon meal out and I did a few laps with the Hogwarts and this evening watching tv. Thats it, I guess I'm done. Enjoy your weekend...S.J.
    Also talked to brutus over the phone and he was going to Kansas city for the weekend.
  20. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    Actually they do, mine costs less than the young guys with hair. :thumb:

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