Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] - Part VI

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Great news. Work hard.
    Off to bed early [for me]. Everyone sleep well.
  2. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!!!! What is going on? Jeffrey is usually up by now. Off to meeting, lunch with oldest daughter [B'day] and then dermatologist apt. Have a good one and send us some rain.
  3. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    I was up but the cable signal wasn't.

    Good morning.

    It's 76 and foggy with heavy clouds. The high is expected to be in the low 90's with a chance of thunderstorms.

    Today I'll be taking care of my mother for a bit and if I get the time for it I'll install a decoder to run two P2K locomotives.

    Today's Weather for:
    Sundown, LA 71446-6114 8/22/2008

    Heat Index: 81°F
    Humidity: 93%
    Dew Point: 74°F

    So Far Today
    High: 77°F
    Low: 75°F
    Rain: 0.00"
    Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
    Gust: 5mph SSE

    Today High: 92 Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 90s. South winds around 5 mph.

    Tonight Low: 72 Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s. Southwest winds around 5 mph in the evening becoming north after midnight.

  4. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Good morning folks

    It was 69 F this morning with the expected high to be 85 F. It feels more like mid September than mid August. I am not complaining too much since the air conditioners have not been on all week and the temperatures and humidity have been perfect for my son’s evening football practices.

    My son and I hooked up the Bachmann EZ-Command System to the layout yesterday. I know it may not be the greatest system but it was a gift. I will say it was extremely easy to set-up and operate. I would say it took all of three minutes to get it up and running. After watching the instruction DVD my son was able to operate the system and program a locomotive. For our layout I think the system will be a good starter. We do not anticipate running more than two or three locos at a time on the layout.

    We held our Cub Scout Leaders’ meeting last night. We did some reorganization and fired our incompetent Committee Chair and Treasurer who once again did not show up for a meeting. Everyone was in agreement that they were tired of his lack of leadership and not following through on promises. We figured that the current leaders are doing the job already so we might as well make it official.

    Saturday morning we have a Cub Scout bicycle ride in the morning. In the afternoon my son has a football game against the Haverford Fords. It looks like Sunday we will be doing the grocery shopping.

    On the layout I would like to continue experimenting with EZ-Command System.

    I hope everybody has a good day.
  5. hickstmj

    hickstmj Marcie

    Congratulations Sawyer! Good luck & stay safe. But I am still going to try to win in the Fantasy League.
  6. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    Good afternoon, we babysat the three granddaughters 1, 5 & 7. The girls and I ran trains for about a half hour and then the interest began to wane. The little one just waves at them as they go by.

    We spent the afternoon yesterday watching the breeding goat class at the fair. DIL won the open Reserve Grand Championship. Grandson took a first in one class of the youth division.

    BTW, is it just me or has this forum been extra slow the last few days?
  7. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Afternoon all. Impressed with John F's family. Grandchildern show steers, calves and goats. Not really farm kids but live on a "country gentlemen's" farm [in the country but family does other things for living and not farm]. Seen the barns and animals. Tired from all the day's activities. Dermatoligist cut on me big time. Also froze a few spots. Shake and Bake, that forum is made up of SOME [not all] real AH's. I normaly do not post there except in Buy and Sale and TMCC/Legacy. Later
  8. sir james

    sir james Member

    GOOD EVENING ALL, Hot and humid today, went for walk before dark and was thinkin I shoulda stayed home. Some rain in lower Mich. today but not for us. Train store had no new toys, I wish some of this stuff would start coming in. Oh the christmas stuff is arriving, but the RR stuff. nothing. The lionel sets with the new 0-8-0 is in but not much else. Take care all...S.J.
  9. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    It ain't you. Many times it takes up to 30 seconds to load. Earlier today it take two minutes to save a post.

    I went out to dinner with my sister and her family tonight, as with every Friday night. Her husband (my brother-in-law) is home from Iraq for a couple of weeks so he was with us. On the way back home they got a call from their son. His Jeep threw a rod so he needed them to get the truck and pull it home. So that's what they're doing now.
  10. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Hey guys, nothing big going on here. Went out to dinner with the family and then just hung out watching some tv. Got my CTT magazine, but haven't seen it yet? Wife said it came in the mail, but it's burried under a bunch of stuff for my daughter right now.... Oh well, I'll find it!
  11. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    She is slooooow. Added memory to this old desktop and upgraded it. Run like the Road Runner I'm on now. Suddenly the server for this forum went into snail mode. Off to bed. Good night all.
  12. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Good morning.

    It's 76 and mostly clear. The high is expected to be in the low 90's and there's a chance of thunderstorms.

    Yesterday I completed my project of having two locos run by one decoder. It's quite a success. Last night my brother-in-law had to go out and pick up his son and tow his Jeep back home. It had thrown a rod as he was heading home after having dinner with the family in town. In no way does this mean his mobility is limited. He has four more cars to go through before that happens.

    Today's Weather for:
    Sundown, LA 71446-6114 8/23/2008

    Heat Index: 80°F
    Humidity: 84%
    Dew Point: 71°F

    So Far Today
    High: 77°F
    Low: 76°F
    Rain: 0.00"
    Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
    Gust: 3mph N

    Today High: 92 Partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 90s. North winds around 5 mph.

    Tonight Low: 72 Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the lower 70s. North winds around 5 mph.

  13. CSXect

    CSXect Member

    :wave: Good morning all.

    I checked out from the public library Roughnecks starship troopers chronicles the complete campaigns, A very well done animated sci-fi action flick. have only watched the first 2 dvd's of the four disk set which is a grand total of 778 min of action, needles to say I was up into the wee hours of the morning watching thissign1

    In other news had to re-image one of my computers as windows xp took a nasty dump and would not let me go-onlinewall1 Used my system restore disk and back up dvd and all is well with it now.

    Great layouts in the CTT have not read any of it yet.
  14. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Morning gang. Thanks Jeffrey for the morning picture. CSX, glanced through it. Pretty good. Off to Miss Edna's in a few. Got Church bar-be-que tonight. Chat later.
  15. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Morning - nice pic, Jeffrey, from a different angle it almost looks like a different layout! Yeah, cover of CTT looks nice. Sir James found a goof on page 49 (I think). We have birthday party plans for my daughter today, so TTFN
  16. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    Good afternoon,

    Got my CTT also. Great article by Fred Dole about his Westchester and Salmon River RR. He has used some of Frank Ellison's original structures on his layout. Probably not many on this forum that remember Frank Ellison, he wrote articles for Model Railroader back in the 40s and 50s. Had an O gauge Scale layout that used outside third rail. Built most of his structures from card stock. Fred's layout is a great one, very realistic looking but not a revet counters delight. Just the type I like. A lot of other interesting articles as well.

    Jeffrey, you have to come up with a way to disguise that AC unit. :mrgreen: Just kidding, great pictures.

    Did you all see the "high water diesel" discussion on the CTT forum? wall1

    Today the forum seems to be back to the usual speed?
  17. Packers#1

    Packers#1 Ultimate Packers Fan

    Hey ya'll, guess what? I made my school's football team! I ain't to sore form practice yesterday, just my left arm, lol.
  18. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    NICE!!!! Congrats!!! :D :D

    You'll have to start excersizing like the pros do to help the arm not hurt so much :D :D
  19. Packers#1

    Packers#1 Ultimate Packers Fan

    yep, lol. thanks.
  20. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    There's rain coming down here. Glad I got the mowing done this morning.
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