Can somone translate? RX-93 Hi-V

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  1. xyberz

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    Sounds awesome. Mech models have always intriged me since I was a little boy.

    I'm planning to use Skethup to start the 3D models. I'm not sure if this would be a good program as I forgot whether there is wire grid modeling like in 3D Studio Max.

    As for the texturing, Photoshop CS2 looks like a good canidate for that purpose.

    Finally sticking all into Pepakura to unfold it all.

    It'll be something that will take some time, but luckily I've got lots of reference pictures from June's site and many other of plastic models.

    I'll start a new thread once I begin work on it.

    Also are the programs I listed above good for creating paper models?
  2. TheWebdude

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    Pepakura is only as good as the 3D model you feed it to unfold.

    As far as 3D programs go 'that' question will bring you a range of answers here from free software to multi-thousand dollar applications.

    I as well as Claudio Dias use Milkshape3D from Chumbalumbsoft - Priced quite affordably at $25 US or 25EUR.

    I've looked at Sketchup but have been using Milkshape way too long to change my ways. To me the important thing is to find a program or suite of programs you like that works for you and use it.

    Looking forward to your progress!
  3. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Okay I found out that using Sketchup is perfectly fine, but unfortuantely Pepakura doesn't take that file format. Anyone have suggestions on a conversion program?

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