Can somone translate? RX-93 Hi-V

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  1. xyberz

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    Hi I wanted to know if somone knows what language this webpage is in. I'm trying to look for a Gundam RX-93 Hi-V paper model on this site.

    It looks like an awesome model and I would love to get a chance to make it. I even see that on Ebay they're selling plastic versions of this model. The only thing is that it was extremely limited.
  2. SCEtoAux

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  3. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Looks like WorldLingo has some troubles on some of the links, which might be where I need to go. Anyone Korean that can help me find the model please?
  4. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    RX-93 Hi-v Gundam Link!

    Nevermind. I finally found a really good undotted and beautifully colored version!
    The awesome thing is that it has the 3D files that shows how the parts are supposed to come together. Come get it here!


    Just look in the upper right hand corner and enter the 3 letter code it asks for and wait for it to countdown and then download for free!

    Took me all friggen day to find this mofo! One of the best looking Gundams out there.

    Also does anyone have links to those really huge Gundams? I'm talking about the ones with the huge attachments and sits on your whole desk.
  5. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    I think they were made by Bandai, most that are available online are pirate models so beware, the guys on this forum get very upset if people post up pirate models (obviously if you weren't aware then thats a different matter)
  6. hekatonhejrowy

    hekatonhejrowy New Member

    Just look in the upper right hand corner and enter the 3 letter code it asks for and wait for it to countdown and then download for free!

    Hey host this omdel on rapidsharade

  7. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Yes, we do. Please only post links to the designers sites and their legitimate downloads.
  8. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    What are pirate models? Sorry I'm new to the paper modeling world and never heard of such things.
  9. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    For the purposes of this forum a pirated kit is one that is

    1. Offered by anyone besides the designer "without" the designers permission.

    2. Hosted on a website that is not the designers and was not authorized by the designer (Example;"Hey I uploaded it here for you - Download it now")

    3. ANY scan or copy of a commercially released model kit.

    If I missed anything the admins can chime in (I'm just a humble moderator)
  10. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Awesome thanks for the info. I definately know now.

    Just wanted to let you know, that any links that I post will be from the original designer. I haven't listed any links which didn't come from the designer themselves. Like the rapidshare link I posted. It came from the website not from me uploading it.
  11. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    No problem. Do you still have the link to the designers site?
  12. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Ummm... I don't have the link anymore. I spent half of yesterday looking for the model. I believe I can find it again though. It was in Korean I think, so I had to translate the page.

    All that mattered to me was the fact that I found the model I was looking for. LoL
  13. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    There is enough free models out there to keep anyone covered for the rest of their life. The best thing is one can build the free ones until they feel confident to move onto the more detailed ones you purchase.

    Even some of the digital ones can range from vey easy to downright hard.
  14. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    :rofl: I just jumped in head first! Only thing is that I printed my stuff on regular paper on my home printer so I don't feel too bad if I mess up.

    Unfortunately I've found that my first model, not all the pieces fit correctly and there was even misnumbered parts. Glad I didn't have it professionally printed and wasted money.
  15. Most designs will assume that you're going to print on 65-100lb paper so some of your part fit problems may have come from using regular paper. You can buy "coverstock" and "cardstock" papers at most office supply stores and then print on your inkjet. It might help. It's also the case that many models will have parts (indicated with an asterisk or red part numbers that need to be laminated up to .5-1.0 mm in thickness. These are generally the frame pieces for the model.

    Cheers --- Larry
  16. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Actually I used 2 sheets of regular paper glued together to roughly get about the same thickness as cardstock or the recommended A4 size.

    The problem was with the design of the model as it was totally off, not just by a small margin. Most of the parts fit fine though.

    It was this model

    M-577 APC from the movie Aliens

    The password for the file is "ALIENS" without the quotation marks.

    Using the 2 sheets of paper glued together method works pretty well. On the Calsonic Skyline GTR model that I'm doing now, everything fits perfectly fine.

    I couldn't wait to get it professionally printed. :grin:
  17. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    So where would you even be able to buy the commercial versions? It's a shame that these things are so hard to find and very unfortuante that you can mostly only get them from Korea or Japan.

    In a way I can see why some people pirate them because otherwise they'd never get the chance to buy some or ever build one, unless they custom designed it from scratch on some type of 3D software. That isn't something that everyone is capable of nor has the patience to do.

    If you look at June's version of the RX-92-V-2 Hi-V Gundamn, it's very nice. Unfortunately he also says that he's not going to be selling this via the internet. So where does that leave the rest of us? We all can't travel to Japan just to buy it. What a shame. :(
  18. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Sad But True....

    Unfortunately in the case of Junes' models we are simply forced to do without. His works are either 'festival only' sales or made available via his blog (designer's whim).

    With other designers such as OnePiece you can try sending an email to the Admins of Finalpaper and Cafe Naver requesting membership. These sites normally require a Korean ID# (Similar to Social Security# in the US) to register but the Admins can at least in the case of Finalpaper, manually set up a membership if they so desire. Again, at their discretion.

    I have never gotten a response to my correspondence with Cafe Naver.
  19. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    That'd be awesome if I could get a membership to Cafe Naver. Still even then, it's hard to understand what they're trying to say even though it's translated.

    As for June's model, I believe I might be able to duplicate it with some success. Of course I'll have to add in all the parts that's missing.

    That wouldn't be considered pirating right? His designs aren't even up, I'm just gonna base it off his pictures, as I would do with any other method. I would love to get my hands on a plastic model, but the $180+ price tag is something that I can't really afford at this moment. :(
  20. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    In my opinion it would not be piracy. Never having acquired Junes' model pattern you essentially have nothing in the way of individual design style to base it on. An accurate Gundam model is just that; an accurate model. No matter how many design a cube it will 'always' have 6 sides and there are only so many way to do that.:wink:

    When you start your design please start a thread here for it and keep us posted of your progress!

    I'm a big Gundam fan too!

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