Buck Rogers Poster Gun

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Revell-Fan, Jun 2, 2012.

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    What about the Brown kit, and all the other peoples of the Earth colors.................HAHAHAHAHAHA :):mooner:
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    Unfortunately there is a slight error in one of the former parts (SORRY!). The formers for part 3 should have a hole cut out in the middle just like the front and back cover of part 3. @starbuck pointed out that the hole was missing. Major thanks for that. :)

    I'm revising the kit on-the-fly as starbuck progresses and will upload a revision once he has finished (just in case he discovers more things to be changed).

    This is how the parts are supposed to look, for anyone who is tackling the build now:


    The small notch makes sure that the flap of part 3 can be glued to the corresponding surface as desired. Fortunately this mistake is not very grave since these formers are optional, just use them only if you feel it necessary. The graphic comes at 150 dpi and should be a quick replacement fix before the final revision is available. :)
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    Thanks to @starbuck I was able to revise the kit. Starbuck found out that some of the numbering was wrong and the final white ink saver rectangle on part 13b had to be deleted.

    I will upload a corrected version on October 1st.

    If you build the kit using the current template just refer to the images (the parts are all complete and have the correct shape) and paint the remaining visible white rectangle at the upper half of the grip safety black.

    Sorry for any inconveniences! :)
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    Love the Buck Roger's guns. I noticed someone said THRUSH gun in one of the posts. Has anyone ever done any paper models of the weapons and devices from the Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Another great show with a lot of scifi elements.
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    Thank you! :) As for the UNCLE guns, I don't know if there are any. The poster gun can be modified easily to make it look more like the toy though.
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