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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by curmudgeon, Nov 26, 2004.

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    Like I said, I'm not a HO scale modeller, but I have heard very good things about Bachmann Branchline in the UK (Bachmann in N in N.America is pretty dodgy (save the new 2-8-0)) but they seem to have thier act together in the UK.

    In terms of buildings, there's a lot of interest in Card buildings in the UK. I have several N scale kits from Metcalfe models and are suprisingly convincing as well as being cheap.

    David can probably help you more, pick up a copy of Railway Modeller (I'm sure you already do!).

    Oh and incidentally, about Stirling Singles, even this dyed in the wool GWR man has to admit that they're about the most elegant locomotives ever designed!

    I thinks its a great idea to mix and match and have fun with this, thats certainly what I do (I confess, my Swiss Ce6/8" has occasionally visited my Nova Scotia Northern!)

  2. curmudgeon

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    Thanks Graham -

    I'll check into the Branchline & Metcalfe offerings.

    I'm wondering if my GS-4 "Daylight" would look TOO out of place hauling an up express. [​IMG]

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    Hello guys, I found this thread very enlightening to learn something about how British railways are preceived over the pond.

    Being born and bred over here (North East England), I just take a lot of railway things for granted, not thinking that a lot of information is not necessarily common knowledge.

    I will be happy to help with questions, and although my speciality is the North Eastern Railway pre-1923, I do know something about more modern railways, especially LNER and BR (NE Region).

    Heres a few pics of the layout for now.




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    When I started in my railway modelling, nationalization had just taken place and all British railways were now British Railways. I had the Eagle Book of Trains.
    I assumed that since all were one railway, any locomotive or car might show up anywhere.
    Boy, was I out in left field.
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    Thats beautiful Jon!, more pictures!!. I've always been tempted to go for a winter layout but you kinda get sick of snow in Canada!. so I think I'll be going for the Autumnal look :)


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