Battleship Bismarck

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Scorpio, Mar 21, 2004.

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    Scorpio, I have lurked with my jaw hanging open in awe throughout this thread. I am looking forward to your build of the Rodney, since that is one of the kits sitting in my "to build someday" stack. I still think you have a time machine, replicator, and shrinking ray and went back to 1939, made a copy of the real thing and shrunk it to 1/200 size. You really should look into getting an article on this build published in one of the scale modelling magazines, such as Fine Scale Modeller. It would be enough to make the plastic snobs sit back and take notice.
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  3. bwallaw

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    Congratulations Scorpio!

    An awe inspiring work of art. Your Bismarck has completely shattered my concept of excellent work and the level of detail that can be accomplished in card modelling. I enjoyed very much watching this masterpiece being built.

    Hope you have a VERY safe place to keep her where others can admire your work.
  4. RichBohlman

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    Gut gemacht!
  5. This whole episode has been incredibly humbling. But I want to know is just were does he find the scale figures or are those card too?
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    Try these:
    Sailor Bodies
    Sailor Collars
  7. Scorpio

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    Hello Atomsk
    Hello Sticky Fingers

    My figures are from metal.
    Indeed they are in the graduation 1:200, but I have shortened a little bit

  8. Scorpio

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    The last contribution:
    A glass cabinet for Bismarck.

    Price - very expensive (160 Euros
    1200 mms x 200 mms x 300 mms (l, B, H)

    Now I must build one foot.

    Hello Ron,

    I must log in always 2 times
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    Hi Scorpio

    The price was well worth it, it would be a shame to leave this to get covered in dust ect.
    Great work and I'am looking forward to HMS Rodney.

    I have to log in twice as well!!


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    Now we can all sleep at night knowing your Bismarck is safe!!! We'll worry about what Rodney might try later.

    I have to log in, delete all cardmodels cookies, and then refresh to get in. It looks like the logout script is not resetting the cookie.

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