Amtrak Cascades?

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  1. If this topic has been discussed to much, just tell me and I'll delete it. I did a search, and came up with nothing conclusive. So, does anyone know if there are any plans in the pipeline to make Amtrak Cascade talgo cars and the power cars at each end before the F59PHI's? Being from the Northwest, I see the casecades all the time, and love the color, and its a big priority to have it at my RR. Thanks. (First post, so don't get to mad.):wave:
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    Welcome! "Wildcat football rules!" :thumb: :) Don't worry, we don't get mad around here. :) It's just a hobby 'round here, but at other forums...well.. :rolleyes: Anyways, The talgo sets are mad by E-R models, which can ber found here:

    ...and the whole set is on sale for $60.00 here.
    The only unfortunate thing is that yoiu might have to paint the Cascades cars yourself...but 2/3 of the battle is already done for you in the fact that you don't have to buy brass! (...or scratchbuild :eek: ) Enjoy! I hope you get them, I think the cascades would be a really cool thing to add to your layout.

    Say what dfoes your layout look like? Post some pictures! Search for photo posting in the search bar, and there should be a sticky showing how-to. Can wait to see the pics! :cool:
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    Don't know what Amtrac Cascades is but hope you find it. Welcome to the guage and yes post us some pics of your layout we love to see what others are doing. In fact if you are interested you can go to "Photo scenery books and Videos" and see a lot of what everyone else has.
  4. I'm currently right in the middle of tearing my old one up, and building a new one actually. My family inherited the house from my grandparents, and my grandpa had a layout. It got old, brass and/or copper track wouldn't conduct anymore, so I'm tearing it all up, and building a new one. The old one looked like this...

    The first one was my main yard.
    The second was a little over view. The object above is a scale airport (scaled 1:400 so it didn't have anything to do with the RR.)

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  5. lester perry

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    So how do you get to the airport. Not from trains but for you from floor?
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    Wow, that GE Warbonnet looks great with the F unit!
  7. The airport was on ropes, and I could either tie it off in that position, or bring it down and use it.
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    Hi and welcome!

    Wow! Two layouts of sorts in the same room! Best wishes with the railroad rebuild...any chance of a look at the airport?

  9. Heres the airport. Its 1:400. A fun little hobby. The planes are beautifuly done, about 25-30 a pop.

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  10. Ralph

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    That's great!! If you photoshopped a city bckground and sky I'd have easily been led to believe it was real.
  11. lester perry

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    That is really cool. I hav enever seen anything like it.
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    That airport model reminds me very much of the "Ouija Board" onboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier..

    The Ouija Board is the scale model of an aircraft carrier's flight deck, and the Plane Handler (also known as the Plane Mangler) in Flight Deck Control uses it to direct a deck crew to move and park aircraft. Very neat. :thumb:

    Oh... There is also one square airport like that for real in the world: Kansai International Airport outside Osaka, Japan: [​IMG]

    (And just to keep things remotely on-topic, Kansai is served by a high-speed rail line, via the bridge visible in the photo!)
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    I spy a C-17 globemaster 3! My first love was airplanes. right off the bat i see a L-1011, a 707, a DC10 ( or KC10? i figure you have more passenger planes, but it is grey....), and the normal host of Boeing 7#7 planes. cool stuff.

    I think i see a Lockeed Constellation in there too, almost missed the concorde and that guppy.
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    I also spot a Fokker F.22 Propliner between the Connie and the 707...also an alaska MD-80/DC-9, and the Airbus Beluga (the Guppy is the bulbous version of the Boeing C-97 Stratoliner) is an interesting addition to this lineup on the tarmac.

    ..say how is that cool black tarmac made?
  15. green_elite_cab

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    oh, i mix those obese planes up. thats still some neat stuff though. i wonder if aircraft get moved to those arizona plane graves by trains.
  16. MilesWestern

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    hmmmmm......I smell a REALLY REALLY cool flatcar load!!!!!

    s'alright about those obese planes, we've all mis-identified planes before...("oh look, honey a 797!!" :eek: )
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    :wave: :wave: :wave: Thanks for those pictures. They are fantastic. Loved that airport:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  18. Ok, I'll try to answer some questions. The DC-10 is a Northwest Airlines in its new colors. Supposed to be silver, but the lighting and the horrible camera do it no justice. There is a connie in the TWA color scheme. Lots of British Airways 747's, as I absolutle love the colors. No Fokker F22, its a Horizon Air Fairchild F27-200. Very similar. The Alaskas are MD-82's, but if we want to be "correct" they are MD-9-82. The tarmac was bought from a company online. Wonderfully made, but many people made there own stuff, which turned out better. Usually when planes go to grave yards:cry: , they fly there under there own power. Very sad to see those grave yards. Hope I answered some questions. Thanks for all the comments guys:wave:
  19. MilesWestern

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    Ah, thanks Wildcat. I knew the comany stared with an F and was in the twenties (although I believe Fokker makes a similar model to the fairchild) Fairchild made the C-119 and the A-10 too...and it's kinda sad that they have a 'last flight' to any fly again?
  20. Some do. Many sadly do not though. A lot of space right now is just being filled with planes in storage because the United States airline economy is in such a down fall, many just can't operate older planes, so they store them, some never to fly again. :cry:

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