Amtrak Cascades?

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    I looked it at google earth..It's reeeeeeealy sad. lots of P-3's, F-4's C-135's and B-52's...F-111's and F-15's :cry: A-10's :cry: and C-130's :cry: also some interesting planes like OV-10's A-4's F-5's B-57's C-123's an odd C-141 here and there...and Navy planes: F-14's (en masse) a group of probably early F-18's (never liked them much anyhow... and A-6's. hmm.
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    I know Boeing has shipped plane parts (including whole fuselauges) by railway before, and i've seen some peopel build models of them. i'll have to find it.
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    yeah, i found that place in arizona by accident yesterday while searching for any B-36s left outside. (seems liek all of these massive planes are kept in hangars).

    I had to be there for half an hour going through all of those planes. In addition to the planes you listed, i see some F-106s, E2s, C82s, and C-119s

    I wonder what happened to all the old World War 2 planes. are they all cut up for scrap now? does anyoen even know where the scrap piles are?
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    Great Photo's Everyone. Thanks for sharing them with us.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Yup, cut up for scrap and melted down. I remember seeing old newsreel films of the dismantling of the WW2 B-29s at Davis Monthan AFB (the Arizona military boneyard outside Tucson)-- They would hack up the B-29s, salvage the airframe aluminum, and melt them on the spot and cast them back into aluminum ingots, which are then hauled away by truck and rail.

    It was by lucky accident that one of the scrappers recognized the B-29 with the Enola Gay nose art on it seconds before it was to get torn up. The plane that flew the first-ever atomic combat mission was set aside and eventually restored (I don't remember for sure, but I think it's part of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum collection these days).

    They are doing the same hack-up and salvage jobs on B-52s and C-141's out there at AMARC these days.
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    Yeah, the enola gay is at the Simthsonian, and i think the USAF Mueseum has bock's car, the other atomic bomber. Speaking about B-29s, another one was pulled out of China Lake navy range with minimal damage, and is being made to fly, being the second flyable B-29 in the world.

    still with the massive amounts of American Air power, you'd think there would still be some left rusting away out in the sand.

    While the B-52s will keep going atleast until halfway into this millenium ( expected to reach 90 years service) the C-141s are being retired. abut this time last year the AFB near me eplaced the last C-141 with the C-17. I liked the C-141 to... it had the right look to it. I'm pretty sure they aren't in service anywhere anymore.
  7. Yup, in the Kansas and Renton, Wa facility, they ship 737 bodies, and wings.
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    Very cool pics Wildcat. Not only do you get to play trains, but you get to play planes too. sign1 sign1 Welcome to the Gauge. :wave:
    That reminds me of an urban myth I heard years ago. The pilot of a plane headed for the graveyard (don't remember just what it was, but it was some sort of large commercial passenger plane) did a barrel roll with it. According to the myth, when he landed the entire skin was wrinkled, there wasn't a smooth spot on it. :eek: :eek: Like I said it's just a myth, but it would be cool to see a big plane like that do acrobatics. :D :D
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    If you look at the Atwater AFB in California, they have one of the last intact B-36 peacemakers...I've been there, and took pictures, of which I have absolutely no idea where they went!

    Yes, you are right, I failed to mention them: as for the others, theres ONE RB-57, a few F-105 thunderchiefs, and plenty of MH-53J Jolly Green Giants (sea Stallion of you perfer) and a line or two of Seasprite ans Seakings.

    Sadly, yes, the 60+ year old planes are nothing but old toasters, car bumpers, and radio antannaes (that have already been disposed of probably) Ironically that's the same way the steamers went, just their parts into steel merchandise. :cry:
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    It was actually quite the opposite. it was the (at that time) new Boeing 707 demonstrator. The pilot wanted to show people what it could do. That 707 went on to a full career and is now restored in its original demonstrator colors.
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    yeah i forgot about them. i think there is a few hueys out there to. i'm sure the list goes on!

    unforuneately, google earth doesn't have good pictures of that place at Atwater. I can't find any B36s out in the open in a visible place. I did see one in the USAF mueseum though. they had the build the museum over the plane, and now that they are making a new hangar for it, they need to cut its wings off to get it out!

    another shame is some of these planes aren't even being reused for anything. since we are on the topic of the B36, the original Yb36 prototype is cut into pieces and used as storage on some farm in ohio. its kinda sad.

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