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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by interurban, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. brakie

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    Heres 2 nice bridges.


  2. :thumb: CCT I love that SP bridge :thumb:

    Anyone else got similar urban/industrial bridges please?
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    A couple photos of the western approach and span of a formerly B&O bridge crossing the Muskingum river from Harmar into Marietta, Ohio. It's been used as a walking only bridge for quite awhile. The railroad that used to use this bridge is still in service, going north up the Muskingum and west along the Ohio. Just west of this photo, the railroad passes through the center of a residential street in Harmar for about two blocks. Fascinating.

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    The first photo is the street section of the railroad that I mentioned in the previous post. No bridge content, but interesting...

    The second photo is of a bridge on the same line about a half mile further west. A derailment on the bridge this past summer caused the collapse of the previous deck girder bridge - the photo illustrates the "creative" repair (note the trestle support resting right on the blacktop). I can only assume it's temporary as the line is a fairly heavily used branch servicing some heavy industries. But who knows? :)

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    Thanks for bumping this up.
    Great reread.
    And great to see the additions. I love the street trackage Fluesheet:thumb:
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    is it real or is it memorex

    greetings---here's a bridge scene from doctor wayne's world

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    Wicked nice shot :thumb:
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    Since I posted the below, the temporary bridge with trestling sitting on the roadway has been replaced. I've attached a photo of it - the previous one definitely had more character - maybe once this new one has "aged" it will get some of that character back :D

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    One day when I have a chance I'll find and post the ones I found when we were in Montana, and a few others I have shots of! This is a great thread!
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    Anybody up for a revival? This thread is awesome, let's see some more bridges!
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    Here is the one at Lechworth state park, ex Erie RR

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    Gary, I really like that Erie bridge
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    My contribution.
    That bridge had all the components made in ( my homecountry ) Belgium around 1880, then shipped to Brasil ( Paranagua port ) and taken to the assembly location by mule.
    9000 men participated in the railroad construction, about 4000 died from snake bites, accidents and tropical diseases.
    My nice Brasilian wife offered me that trip as a retirement present last fall.


  15. Biased turkey

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    Of course, the guide ( nice Brasilian lady who as a son involved in homebrewing ) won't tell about the facts right at the Curitiba railroad station.
    I had the same emotion when I visited the WW1 trenches in Belgium, visited the great wall in the Peoples Republic of China, and Rogers Pass in the British Columbia-Alberta provinces in Canada ( how many Chinese workers died building that CP railway line )

    Yes Charlie, I was just catching a piece of railroad history.

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    Hi, was wondering how you did the water in this photo.

    Many thanks fo rany help on this.

    Bud M.

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    Hey I was trying to find an old picture of mine and came across this thread. Just thought I'd bump it up to see if anybody else had more neat bridge pics.
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    For the Pennsy fans...

    Safe Harbor, Pa. (Baltimore and Port Deposit (PRR) on bottom, now NS. Atglen & Susquehanna Low Grade Line of PRR on top, abandoned.)

    Rockville/Harrisburg, Pa Rockville Bridge

    Library of Congress Archives, West Philadelphia Elevated line and associated Bridges, Philadelphia, Pa. @lit(PA1447)) @lit(PA3756))
  19. TrainNut

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    Wow, I've been within 10 miles of the first two. Wish I had a clue, I might'a taken the time to stop off and do a little picture takin'. 'Bout eight years ago, I was doing some inspection work at some marine reserve sites around the country. I passed through this area on the 30 in between a site in N Philly and another in Frederick, Maryland.
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