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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Heine Pedersen, May 26, 2004.

  1. TrainClown

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    That's the best Z-scale I've seen so far! Now that's FINE scale modeling! If I could afford it, I'd go for it. Also, from what I understand, steam engines in Z-scale need more development (is that right? I'm not sure). Anyways, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool steam head. I love that shelf layout. I have something similar planned in HO. All convoluted-like.

    Welcome to the Gauge, Heine!

  2. Heine Pedersen

    Heine Pedersen New Member

    I don't have much experience with steamers in i Z-scale, but the two Märklin steamers I own don't run to well because of power pickup on only two axels. It is impossible to run them really slow around the whole layout.

    But the four or six axel diesels and elctrics run perfect. On the shows I have attended I have run the coffe table layout eight hours a day without stalling or derailing. And I run my trains slow. (Anachron shold be able to confirm that, he has seen it live.) The kids always ask why they run so slow...:) Then they ask why the cars don't run. :rolleyes:

    Here is my first steamer before and after weathering:

  3. pray59

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    Wow Heine, your coffee table layout is really fantastic! What a concept... taking the living room to a train show to help properly display your coffee table layout. That's great.

    Your new shelf layout looks quite ambitious too. I look forward to seeing your updates.

  4. SmolderZ

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    I seen your work before!, it's a honor to have you here! :)

    I wonder how your current project is going to look like in it's final stage, wow :eek:

    I'm glad I chose for Z-scale! :D
  5. SD90

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    Awsome layout! Nice work, I can't wait to see it finished either!

    :) :cool: :D
  6. Heine Pedersen

    Heine Pedersen New Member

    It is not easy to explain what it will look like in the end. Actually a lot of ideas comes as I am building it... But I have som awsome pictures in my head. :) The challenge is to get them realized into the layout...:D But I have learned a lot since I made the coffee table layout, so I can promise that the shelf will be much better than that. :thumb: It will just take som more time. The Coffee table layout was made in one year...

    I have been working on the shelf for 14 months now. Actually I got the idea to the shelf after a hoby show in Sweden April 2003. One of my friends purschased a lot of H0 rolling stock, and I was thinking that it would be nice to have a layout with room for a lot of trains. Two days later I started to build the shelf. :)

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