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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Woodie, Jun 23, 2002.

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    Thanks! I'll get a link back to your site before the weekend.
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    Not much to add, but feel free to put mine on the list as well.
  4. shamus

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    Hi Woodie,
    Thanks for the link on your website, don't know if you ment to do this but when you hyperlinked them did you intend to let them stay inside your website from your links, or did you intend to open a new window?
    Great looking website there my friend, I like the Doddlebug sitting at the platform.
  5. roryglasgow

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  6. Woodie

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    Yep. Deliberate decision to keep it in the same window. Sorta like a "hyperwebsite" look and feel.

    BTW.... I checked your site a few days ago, and it wasn't intentional to "plagerise" your look and feel (background, sideframe etc). It's just the standard "Microsoft Frontpage Frames" setup, with the "automotive" theme across it.

    Yep! That is my old trusty Bachman Doodlebug bashed into a Victorian Railways DERM lookalike (of which I have a proper kit to make up yet). My local dealer has new Bachman HO Doodlebugs (most liveries) on special for $49 AUS ($25 US) at the mo. Might go get another one, to make a pair and run back-to-back. Did they do that with Doodlebugs? Or did they "turn" them at the destination for the return journey?
  7. shamus

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    Hi Rory, your Copper Ridge Railway track plan, am I right in saying this started out life as the HO lilliput logger by Iain Rice for an 8 by 4 layout. The reason I ask is that I once made that layout on a 10 by 5 in HO as a takedown (Four sections) but never did finish it. Only ever ran a few loco's around it, then took it down to make the old Badger Creek.
    Should look quite "Spectacular" when it's finished.

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